4 Mindset Tips for Business Builders

“I just want to inspire people,” Stortz says.

“We only see what we look at. To look is an act of choice.” – John Berger

We can’t possibly see it all, but there is a reason something catches our eye. It’s interesting or curious enough where we want to have a look. We choose to look at things ultimately because we want it. So if you’re looking at this, you must be wanting more for your business and your mind. L’Erin Stortz, a SCL member and a professional in the beauty industry, has recognized how control over her mindset has shifted her life, and how perspective is directly affecting her success as an ambassador of a healthy lifestyle. Here are some tips to help you kick ass!

Name: L’Erin Stortz

Current City: Denver, CO

Title: General Manager, Matthew Morris Salon & SkinCare

4 Tips inspired by L’Erin for business builders



“I have huge ambitions and goals – and I’m always looking for new tools to motivate me.”

“People go on diets and they fall off – people go through motions of trying to eat healthy. This is a new lifestyle change and the mind needs to make a shift. The stronger the mind, the harder the grind.

The second I realize that I’m off, I sit down and reflect, go hiking, or spend the day in the mountains… Everything happens for a reason, and things are meant to work out. I’ll ask why did this happen? What do I learn from it? How can I use this to make myself better?

When we mess up, we hate looking in the mirror. We don’t want to look. Choosing not to look deprives us the proud feeling of being seen, and recognized as important, which can lead ourselves into a rabbit hole of depression. But we can shift our perspective to see things differently – a trick of the light, a different lens, perhaps a smaller focus. So choose to look at what you want: look at mentors, look at inspirational videos, look at more commentary and support from your SCL family.

Challenge: What are you focusing on? What do you want to be focusing on?


“I have these huge goals; I’ve always been a visionary. I want to help make people the best versions of themselves – help them see their own potential, to see how amazing they are and to help them become the person that they are. [The business] is not about money, it’s about what it is changing for me. I can’t keep it a secret – I want people to know about it.”

Ask yourself what’s your five-year plan? Ten-year plan? Stortz says she journals, asking herself how she can continue evolving into the person she wants to be. Think about how you can be more of this person so that you can share it with your community. She takes the time to recreate new visions for her future. John Berger, art critic and novelist, says that “our vision is continually active, continually moving, continually holding things in a circle around itself, constituting what is present to us as we are.” We must continue to revisit and reevaluate what we see and how we see it.

Challenge: Define success for you. What is your vision for Isagenix in your lifestyle?


The Isagenix 40 day mindset challenge helped me take a step back and see what it is that I want. I understand the habits that I truly have and I realized that there was an energy I was giving off that didn’t align with who I was on the inside. I discovered that I needed to bring out my softer, more approachable energy from the inside because that is who I am and what I want people to see.”


“This is absolutely the best thing that you could do for yourself. It will change your health, your energy, your mind, your finances. If you commit to it it will change your life.”

Most of us in the SCL family are looking for a better life, a stronger, more meaningful life, that we can share with the people around us. Once we decide that this is who we want to be seen as, then everything else becomes much easier. This attracts the right people! You will start attracting people who are also kick-ass.

Challenge: Are you giving off the energy that you want? Why or why not?


“I want to bring the mindset piece to my industry because they can use that to their advantage too. Bringing the strong positive mindset into the beauty world will help so many people—because it applies to all areas of your life—it’s amazing for your skin, your hair, your weight, and everything.

[Before Isagenix] I lived on coffee, always feeling exhausted. I was running myself into the ground, working 10 hours a day and not really eating meals because of stomach aches. I tried the cleanse and on day 14 all of a sudden I had more energy than I’d ever had. I had never felt so healthy and clean. It was amazing.” 

Here’s what you do: choose your focus, your lens. Study where you are hesitating with sharing your lifestyle and focus on why. Stortz felt like she hit a plateau in the business side after six months, so she connected with Laura St. John, her business mentor, and barreled through those roadblocks. She is constantly moving forward, creating change, and challenging herself with big goals.

Challenge: How are you sharing Isagenix with your community?

Currently, L’Erin Stortz is up for Colorado’s Finest 2015 award that acknowledges the top 20 young professionals in the community for demonstrating strong leadership and involvement with the community. She needs to fundraise the highest amount for Cystic Fibrosis Foundation (CFF), so help her initiative by donating to CFF here https://finest.cff.org/lerin-stortzs-finestTo learn more about CF and the CF Foundation, visit www.cff.org. 

To get more tips and business building advice connect with L’Erin and Ashton the marketing director of Native Hotel, through their Ladies Lounge Denver which throws events and seminars to inspire women professionally and personally–> website/facebook page and follow them @ladiesloungedenver.

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