5 Simple Ways to Stay Healthy While You Travel

Top Travel Tips! On the Go?

Save Time, Energy and Money While You Travel


Travel Outside Your Comfort Zone

On the go? Travel a lot for work? It’s one thing to be totally “on track” when you are in the comfort of your typical home or work environment. But what happens when you travel? I call it “outside your comfort zone” because it often throws us off the minute we step out of our house, and into an airport! Don’t crumble. I’ve got some juicy tips for you and what to order.

Tip 1. Remember the Most Important Fuel!


Traveling is not an impromptu surprise. I bet you’ve planned, you’ve packed your clothing, you’ve made arrangements for wherever you’re going! Just like you need to fuel up your car to get there, you also need to fuel the most important part of the equation — YOU! Fuel yourself with simple nutrition on the go. This is where really good meal prep or Isagenix comes in to play.


Isagenix items to go! My husband Scott calls Isagenix the best “fast food” on the planet because you can order it in to-go packets, bars, and easily take it with you on the run! These are my top travel picks: Islalean Shakes (Individual Packets), IsaLean Bars, Fiber Snacks, Slimcakes healthy oatmeal cookies, individual packets of Ionix Supreme in powder, 1 canister or cleanse in powder format.


Other items I typically pack: almonds, rice cakes, peanut butter to go packets, apples or pears. Always go with organic whenever you can!! Can you tell I never want to forget about eating 6x per day? I get it! You are busy. But don’t forget about YOU! This fuel prep will make traveling way more enjoyable when you (and your family) are not in a “hangry” state of mind. Weave it all into your Simple 6 Meal Plan and print out sheets if you want to take it on the go! 

Tip 2. Plan a Cleanse Day as Your Airport Day
If you are traveling by plane, make your “airport day” a “cleanse day” — It’s so genius! You will whoosh past all the icky food and all you have to spend money on is water! Bring the powder format of Isagenix Cleanse for Life. Bam! Nothing like staying busy. Oh! Don’t forget the delish chocolate! The best part is when you are on the airplane, bring your IsaDelight chocolates. Ask for hot water, mix in your cleanse as a hot tea, crack open a chocolate, and treat yourself. You’re doing your body such a great thing; it will thank you! And it’s a great way to make a friend with the people you sit next to who are wondering what you’re doing! Pass on the love.

Tip 3. Bring Bodyweight Workouts With You


Just because it’s vacation mode, it doesn’t mean to let go of being healthy. With your phone, you can log in to the worldwide workout and in 16 minutes you’ve got a simple workout — you can do from anywhere!! Also tune into the local hotel gym, or see if there are any outdoor or unique classes, such as yoga on the beach! Set a simple goal and have fun with working out in a new environment! Variety is the spice to life!

Tip 4. It’s OK to Indulge


Remember our “fun” rules? And our “social smarts” to dos? Never beat yourself up for having “too much fun” — that just means you’re living it up! Remember to replace words like “being good” to “being healthy” as well as “being bad” to “having fun” so you can drop the guilt that feeds a negative down-spiral. Enjoy the local food and experience the region you’re traveling to, guilt-free! Get back to 85/15 rule when you get back.


Tip 5. 1 Meal or 1 Snack


On vacation mode, I recommend that you have one meal or one snack per day using Isagenix. It saves so money! And it’s such a great way to “stay on track” either for breakfast or at some point a snack in your day. Use the SIMPLE 6 Meal Plan guide in the morning, and make some notes as to how your day may be unfolding with activities, etc. Whether you are traveling for work or fun, you will stay on track if you are proactive and not reactive!


If you’re busy like me running around after 3 kids and a few businesses, or if you are always on the go because of work or lifestyle, these tips will help you focus on what you can do to stay on track! You can apply these “travel tips” to any day that you feel like you’re running around on the go!

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