Strong Confident Living is not just a lifestyle – it’s an attitude.


You are meant to be extraordinary.

Strong Confident Living is more than a lifestyle brand, it’s an attitude that’s inspiring a movement. We strip the complexity out of health, happiness, and prosperity with our (K.I.F.S.) Keep It F-ing Simple approach, that anyone can begin applying to their everyday life. We make little changes that immediately transform how you eat, how you think, and how you move, so you can create the life you want. No matter how big your struggles feel, you can learn the recipe to turn your life into an “upspiral”. Be BOSS of your life and start creating small shifts in your energy that disrupt old habits and translate into lasting change. If you are done feeling stuck in patterns that leave you wanting more, we can provide you with the products, tools, and people that will support you every step of the way. Join our community of over 35K and growing audience worldwide full of people changing themselves and changing the world. We are just getting started!


We might’ve started small, but the vision has always been BIG.

Hi there! We love to connect with like-minded individuals & brands. That’s actually how this whole movement got started. You see, back in August of 2015 we decided to create a cool new lifestyle brand called Strong Confident Living to share our favorite tips and connect with people looking to “upspiral” their lives. We wanted to show the world how to combine fitness, nutrition, and mindset into a simple lifestyle with a kickass attitude. Our first live broadcasts reached only a handful of viewers (literally just 2 or 3 people!), but still we consistently dished out daily nutrition and mindset tips, bodyweight workouts, and online challenges people could do from anywhere. We started sharing our lifestyle (and struggles) in such a raw and honest way, it really connected with people from all over the world. BOOM! The Strong Confident Living audience exploded, and we fell in love with the process of helping people reach new levels of personal growth.

❤ Laura & Scott