Are You a Leader? How to Seize the Opportunity and Take Charge


“Everyone wants to take more action, do more, be more. And everyone has that potential,” says Laura.

“Whether you like the spotlight or not, I believe everyone has an inner leader that they can channel to take charge of their life.” – Laura St. John

Laura was interviewed by her friend Kaitlyn this past week on 5 questions about leadership based on the book, 21 Laws of Leadership. Here is the interview:

1) When Did You First See Yourself as a Leader?

I first saw myself as a leader in college. Whenever we broke in to group projects, I noticed that naturally people waited to see who stepped up. So one day, I decided to take the lead and I’ve done it ever since. I also recall leadership emerging in college because for the first time I wasn’t under the same roof as my family; I was on my own. This entire concept really expanded me.

2) What Are Some of the Greatest Challenges You’ve Faced as a Leader?

The greatest challenge I have faced as a leader is stand strong no matter what others think of you. I used to try to please everyone so when people didn’t “get” me, I tried to change my style to make them like me. As I developed into a leader, I realized it is important to understand that everyone doesn’t see things in the same eyes as you do, and that is okay. People have different factors that motivate them, and some people are focused on themselves more than others. As a leader, if you know who you are and what you represent, and if your intention as a leader is to focus on the greater good of others, then you’re golden. Love the people who need self-esteem and significance, but don’t let them second-guess yourself. Stand strong. Be bold. Be courageous. Watch what happens!

3) What Has Contributed to Your Growth as a Leader?

Having faith in myself and my abilities, intentions, and desires are what has contributed to my substantial growth as a leader. Learning to trust in yourself, stop seeking to outside sources for the answers and best practices. Look deeper inside, pose yourself questions, and listen to yourself.

4) What Are You Currently Doing to Grow as a Leader?

In order to currently grow myself as a leader, I’ve been continually working on 45-day Growth-U mindset challenges where I set a leadership/career vision, align it to goals and action items, learn to get rid of patterns that are holding me back, and set myself up with new habits that will get me to that desired vision. I’ve been doing it consistently since March 8, 2015 and it has allowed me to break through to the next level. The fun part is that there is always more to learn and more ways to grow and expand yourself! I’m also coaching others now on this process, which has expanded me even more by teaching others to expand. Very exciting stuff.

5) What is The Best Piece of Advice That You Would Have for Someone Who Aspires to Be An Effective Leader?

My advice would be not to try to “go” it alone. True leaders will inspire and create more leaders. Hook up with leaders like me who are always willing to help you grow. We get to become a better leader by giving ourselves — our belief, our knowledge, our love — to others. I believe everyone has creative genius and leadership inside of them. You just need someone to help pull it out of you.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s get that inner leader in you to stand strong and confidently. Follow Laura @crushyourgoal for the latest tips and advice on leadership, entrepreneurship and developing your strong mindset.

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