Change This One Ingredient for INSANE Results

One ingredient has been missing from EVERY diet and challenge you have ever tried and we promise adding it in will give you fast, lasting results!

Laura’s Top 5 No-Fail Steps to Crush Your Goal

Laura St.John, Strong Confident Living & Team IsagenixI’m ready to reveal some major “AHA” moments for you in the next few minutes! I’m going to help you uncover 5 little things that will go a LONG way when it comes to crushing your goal — especially when it comes to weight loss. Let’s cut through feelings of guilt, reward, over-indulgence and emotional eating. Life’s too short and will always try to get in your way! It will always try to test and de-rail you. I want to show you how you can win from now on, and look and feel more amazing than you ever have in your life. Let’s do it!


Our Secret Ingredient Will Shock You

1474595_10208971809159250_1867422041749698623_nMost programs start off labeling what to have, what not to have. What you can’t do and what you can. What’s “good” for you versus what’s “bad” for you. These strict labels strip out the fun. They make you feel like you’re either on track, or you’re not. Strong Confident Living is WAY DIFFERENT. We are about 85% healthy, mindful choices and 15% FUN. We are going to start with the most important ingredient for your weight loss, for your health goals… believe it or not, it is (drum roll, please): FUN!


1026194_10201583116686556_758417107_oFun is the most important ingredient to a full life here at Strong Confident Living. This is really different than anything you’ve ever done. Whatever made you unsuccessful in the past, I’m going to show you how to break that pattern using FUN! I will lead you through simple steps how to live more guilt free, and set yourself up with the healthiest lifestyle track ever. Of course we still give you the meal plan guides, foods to eat, how to lose weight, feel great, and be more toned and fit! But this approach is totally something different than you’ve ever experienced before! And once you learn it, you can maintain it forever and you’ll learn why it’s so easy in the process.

Lose Weight and Eat Your Favorite Foods


No-Fail Step 1. Identify and Plan Your Fun!


Laura and Scott St.John Strong Confident Living and Team IsagenixRemember this is not a D-I-E-DIET! This is L-I-V-I-N-living! So that is why we start with FUN! Some shout outs from you! If you’re reading this, I’d like to hear more about what your favorite foods are. What are the FUN foods you love so much? Cheeseburgers? Ice cream? Chocolate? Pizza? Cookies? Tell us on our social channels! What if I told you that you COULD have these and that you’d still get in the best shape for that bikini? Yes! I have helped hundreds of people stick with the food they love, and I can’t wait to share all the tips and show you how! I remember one girl I started coaching said “I’m going to eat a cheeseburger every Saturday.” and I excitedly replied, “Awesome” and she explained, “And I’m going to tailgate on Sundays… I’m a huge sports fan!” And I said, “Perfect! You will have so much fun!” She went on to lose 19 inches all over her body in her first month…So the first step is, identify what your definition of “Fun” means to you! And take out your Simple 6 Meal Plan and decide when will it fit in for your 15% (just 1 of 7 choices… that’s 3 “funs” for every 24 choices!). Is it one whole DAY of fun and 6 days of all healthy? Or do you prefer to sprinkle fun in throughout your day? This is going to set you up for success. I can’t wait to see your Simple 6 meal plans! Post them to us! Use #simple6seflie so I can find them and help you!


No-Fail Step 2. Clear the Temptations that “Cross the Line”


Avoid Temptations with Strong Confident Living Simple SixNext, this is important! I want you to keep this simple! Don’t make it hard for yourself! There are plenty of other things in life that are hard. You deserve easy! So here’s what you do: if you absolutely KNOW you can’t stick to 15% with something fun, that’s when it crosses the line! I want you to do yourself a favor and just don’t buy it. Don’t even bring it into your house or workplace! Set your environment up so you have healthy, mindful choices all over the place! I want to know, what’s the one thing you have the most trouble fathoming that you can stick to 15%? Mine is so silly — it’s Goldfish crackers. The cheddar kind. (And forget the flavor blasted cheddar. OMG) I will eat the entire thing in a few handfuls! I don’t say I can’t keep it to 15%, because I can’t say I can’t, right? But why make it hard? It’s really, really really hard for me to resist those cute little goldfish. if you do step 1 first (which is why it’s step 1, haha!) then your brain will already know that you are planning some fun in so it will be satisfied knowing that’s something to get excited about. Yay pizza! Yay slice of cake! My Yay Is Ice Cream!! I love ice cream and I know I can just keep it to 15%. So when I think I want goldfish I remember that I’m going to enjoy ice cream sometime this week during a fun experience chillin’ with my boys. Yay anything you know you can stick to 15% with! I promise, the better you get at planning the fun, the easier this will continue to get!


Laura St.John, Strong Confident Living & Team IsagenixOh! And this starts in the grocery store. Every time you walk by and don’t grab the temptation you find difficult to resist, reward yourself with something super healthy that you like to eat in replacement. Or even something beautiful like a flower! I used to get every type of tortilla and potato chip on the planet… That aisle would rope me in, and I’d fill my cart with overflowing big bags of blue chips, yellow chips, white chips… Now I replace that with a bouquet of flowers when I walk right by showing the chips who’s boss. It works! And I’m so proud looking at my flowers all week, knowing it means a symbol that I am powerful. I know you can do it, too. Be the boss!


No-Fail Step 3. Change Your Vocabulary: Turn the Word Bad to Fun!


Laura Explains Strong Confident Living Simple Six and IsagenixThere is no “good” versus “bad” at Strong Confident Living. The more you see pizza as “bad” the more you will feel badly when you eat it. Think of your favorite food that you just shouted out to me. Do you think it is “bad” to eat it? Remove “bad” from your vocabulary and turn it to FUN! Remember this is just supposed to become your easy, guilt free life. Shame will feed a negative pattern. Shame doesn’t live in Strong Confident Living. You’re strong! You’re confident! You are having fun! This is one of those little tweaks that is a MAJOR AHA for you, your family, your kids, how you become a strong confident and healthy role model that you all are as ambassadors of this kickass FUN lifestyle! If my boys overheard me saying “I was so bad last night, I had ice cream.” Or even worse, “I am so bad! I ate xyz..” What message is that giving to you and your loved ones? So promise me! Catch yourself! Catch your friends! This one is so simple yet so profoundly DEEP! It’s one of my favorites. Just explain to them that fun is part of life and all healthy lifestyles need to balance in the fun!! So enjoy life together!


Keep in mind the same goes for the word “good” and “strict.” I have coached people who thought they deserved the brownie and cake because they have been “good” all week. If you feed yourself the feeling of “I deserve this because I’ve been so good” then you are not setting yourself up for long term success. It starts a roller coaster ride of emotions of good vs bad, and bad will always try to creep back in. Keep the FUN in 15% of your choices, no matter how strict you’ve been, or not been, this past week. This way, even if you had a week of even more fun, you don’t feel like you’ve got to start back at step 1 or start over. Just stick to the 15% the following week. There is no starting over, ever! This is lifestyle. Diets start and stop. This is forever, so just hop off that roller coaster and join the smooth train ride.


No-Fail Step 4: Replace Food & Drink Rewards With Me Time Rewards


I’m going to stretch you a little here outside of your comfort zone, this may be a little uncomfortable for some of you….Remember, I want this to be a game-changer for you. So I want you to think: at what point in your life has food ever been a reward for “hard work”? Have you ever had to have some wine or beer at night because you had “such a long day” and you felt like you deserved it as your reward? Likely, most of us have. Let’s think about that. This is why that sets you up for failure: The harder the work, the more you are subconsciously creating the habit that the more you should eat or drink. This could start at any age: such as “I’ll give you an M&M if you learn to go pee in the potty!” This runs into patterns throughout our whole life! I’m just asking you to recognize it so you can switch it! Simple FIX: reward yourself with something that nurtures you, not food. Personally, I love to reward myself for a hard week of work with some “Me Time” every Friday — an appointment for nails, hair, a great workout with friends. If I then have a really hard week, I can go overboard on nurturing myself! See? No harm in that! Can you imagine what a loving nurturing world we would have if we all rewarded ourselves with nurture and love when we got through something hard? Wow! Life is hard. This is easy! Reward yourself with something loving, and I promise it will trickle into a more positive outlook in every other aspect of your life. Game-changing. My friend Ashley would call this one a Laura “wisdom bomb.”


When you start planning in your food fun… AND when you start planning in your nurturing weekly reward to yourself because you know you’re going to crush your goals, then you start to look forward to it, so you are setting yourself up with the expectation that you are going to be successful. This is how simple you will train yourself for success. And don’t start making excuses, Me Time doesn’t need to cost a lot. It could be unplugging for an hour to sit by the beautiful big tree by the water. Free! Find the one hour in the week and treat yourself. You deserve it and it will make you a better person for everyone you love.


No Fail Step 5: Show Love through the Experience of Being Together. Let Food Just Come Along for the Ride.


Isagenix Works! Sister Drinking and Losing WeightNow don’t pass the blame here. I had an amazing Italian grandmother who loved to feed us serving after serving of pasta and eggplant parm. You full? You sure? Have more! Believe me, I know this one! “I made you your special cake I know you love!” or “Let me take the grandkids out for ice cream since they did a great job on their performance!” I know it sounds harmless, but just go out to be with each other. Let’s go out together and celebrate! Family and friends are FUN! Food is fun and just comes along for the ride, but isn’t the focus of the reward! Simple FIX: Change the focus. Don’t tie the food as the prize for being together. Show love from loving the experience you have together. The fact that food is there, is just part of the experience, but not the point of it. The point of it is each other, and focusing back on that you are together. The food doesn’t have to be the bond that brings you together.


Team IsagenixMake it easy! Go out for your planned FUN with a satisfied stomach! Don’t go out hungry! You will not make the most sane choices when you’re starving, and you will be more likely to lose your willpower. You can stick to this lifestyle while still being able to be SOCIAL and TRAVEL, but just know that you need to stick with the Simple 6 Meal Plan and always set yourself up for success by having a healthy mega snack (like an Isalean Protein Bar) so you are balanced before you go! This will make it easy to stick to your 15% and not go overboard!


SIMPLE 6Same goes for cooking! If you LOVE to cook and have food together, focus on the ACT of cooking and serving others more than the actual food — the end result is less important than the process and the reason you cooked for that person. Remember you may cook together for 45 minutes but we gobble it up in 5. Find the enjoyment in all the moments, not just the food.




If you have ever been rewarded with food from “hard work” or “being good” or “showing love” then what happens when life gets hard, and you find yourself needing what most humans need —  self-worth and self-love? That’s right –you will turn to food for the solution only because you’ve been trained to do so. You have tied food to your emotions, which drive your decisions. The harder you work, your habits tell you to eat. When you feel like you need more love or connection, or you’re lonely, you will turn to food because it emotionally equalled love. This leads to the ups and downs of over indulgence and emotional eating. But with these 5 simple steps, you can stop that in its tracks STARTING RIGHT NOW!! I’m so excited! This has helped so many people! I can’t wait to help you, too!!


How You Get Started Now (…Not Monday, or the 1st, or the New Year!)

All you have to do is starting right now is recognize these patterns and celebrating that you noticed them. Don’t blame anyone. Your grandma loved you. She didn’t know! Take ownership of you and your choices from now on! That is always the first step toward change. Then you will replace them with the SIMPLE STEPS I just shared with you. Follow us and share with us every time you recognize the old you habits and replace it with the new you habits!


Remember FUN is the most important ingredient. It’s these small moments in life — like this one right now between you and me — that is the GOLD. These small changes and simple FIXES with lead to DRAMATIC results!  I can’t wait to meet the new, stronger more confident, you! You will AMAZE yourself!!!

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