Conquer Your Social Schedule Like a Boss

Do and Don’ts for Surviving Your Social Calendar!

Food, Fun, Friends, Family, Fiesta! It’s Social Smarts week!

It’s social hour! It’s happy hour! It’s barbeque time! It’s beach time! No matter what, life is meant to be fun. There’s never a “perfect” time to start a “strict” diet! So don’t wait around and make excuses! Right now, this moment, is the perfect opportunity to get smarter socially.
If you’re like me, motivated by fun, then come along and let’s set up some simple steps of what to do and not do while you’re out and about to keep that willpower strong — while having a ton of fun.

Know Before You Go: Proactive Tips
If you know you’re going out or have a cocktail party, don’t ignore it! Don’t play dumb; be a social smartypants!! Get armed and take control of yourself now so you don’t lose it later. Here’s how!

Tip 1. Tell Your Brain Specific Instructions, Don’t Say “I’m Going to Be Healthy Tonight”

Your brain needs to be fed specific instructions. So if you know you’re going out tonight, or you know your co-workers are calling in food everyday at lunch, tell your brain what to do vs just saying “I promise tomorrow I will be healthier!” Your brain can’t really wrap an instruction of what to do just from the broad term, healthy. Be specific, such as: “When my friends order lunch this week, 4 of the 5 days this week I’m going to order a salad with protein.” Then crush that goal! Make it realistic! Say, “on day 5, Friday, I’ll order something more fun for sticking to my goals this week.” Celebrate yourself, you deserve it! If you’re going to dinner, or an event, and you want to stick to being healthy, then do the same thing! Say to yourself, or write down in your Simple 6 Meal Planner, “I’m going to order a protein tonight and veggies on the side.” Choose if you will have dessert or not. Think ahead about how much alcohol you will choose to have. If you say to yourself, “Tonight I will enjoy 2 glasses of wine while chillin’ with my friends.” Then that’s cool! You will LOSE THE GUILT when you realize you’re in control! You will also build your ‘willpower muscle” up by making smart choices and actions and realizing YOU are boss over the wine before it becomes boss over you! 😉

Tip 2. Eat 1 Hour Before You Go, Don’t Skip Eating Because You’re Going Out


11667253_10155812845995083_6489602554214028286_nKeep your metabolism CRANKING all day. And eat about 1 hour before you go out! This will SAVE YOU! I promise. Picture this: You have a 7pm dinner reservation, so it’s likely the last time you probably ate was 2 or 3pm. By the time you get seated, have a few drinks, order dinner, you may not eat til 8 or 830pm. That is 5-6 hours since your last snack. Way too long. You are putting yourself in a TOUGH position to not take a deep dive in to the trays of apps and drinks… Life is already hard. You deserve EASY! So do yourself a favor and make going out EASY by eating 1 hour before you go! If you have a balanced mini meal or mega snack at 6pm, you walk into that restaurant like a BOSS! My favorite is an IsaLean Shake or Meal Bar, so it gives me the perfect blend of macro-nutrients to keep me balanced. You’re in a total state of sanity, with good blood sugar, great emotional state, and can make smart choices. You are setting yourself up for SUCCESS!


On the flip side, be careful not to skip any meals on purpose! I have talked to so many friends who have told me “I’m going to be eating so much later so I am skipping breakfast.” No, no, no! Don’t skip meals or snacks for two reasons! First, it keeps your metabolism going and you don’t want to slow it down by not eating. And second, you want to be sure you go into the event or holiday gathering or dinner in a balanced state of mind so you can be in control!

Whoops I Had Too Much Fun! Quick Action Tips!


Were you a little 60/40 instead of 85/15? That happens to the best of us. It’s OK! Don’t beat yourself up!! Here are my tips to get you back on track FAST! Just say, OOPS! And remind yourself that you deserve to treat yourself with more healthy to get back on track. Remember from our 15% Fun tips that you should never, ever call your fun, “bad” or it will lead to shame and guilt, which feeds a negative down-spiral.

Tip 3. Eat Gross Food? Have a Shake When You Come Home!!


12003270_10156147486930389_6107554461622761620_nI know it sounds totally NUTS but when you come home, have a shake! There’s something about the nutritional qualities of the shake that helps refuel your body with the nutrition it wants and needs. Even though it’s more calories, TRUST ME! It works! Have a greasy bacon double cheeseburger? Come home and have a shake! Enjoy a little too much beer? Come home and have a shake! This will put you back on a healthier track and it just works. Try it. I couldn’t believe it until I did it. Now I don’t get “food hangovers” anymore when I don’t eat clean. It’s incredible!

Tip 4. Drink Too Much? Swig Ionix Supreme – Hangover Help!


ionixO.M.G Hangovers. Isagenix cannot claim to “cure” anything, including hangovers. But I can say one thing for sure — it is designed to re-BALANCE you! And what happens when you drink too much? You are off-balance, possibly in many ways as you get tipsy, haha! For real though, swig a good 1-2 ounces of Ionix Supreme will help rebalance your body. Another thing to do before you crash into bed is add some Replenish/Hydrate to a glass (or two) of water. The natural electrolytes will help restore glucose levels and just help you get hydrated. We often get a little dehydrated from drinking alcohol, and this will help you!

Tip 5. Treat Yourself Better, Do Not to Fuel Your Guilt Roller Coaster


FullSizeRender (1)Finally, social smartypants learn to rock their lifestyle. Go out, have fun, and know that the “fun” could lead to a toxic build up in our cells. Don’t stress over it! Just get back on track. If you feel like you’ve gone WAY TOO OFF TRACK, then don’t starve yourself or say “I have to cleanse tomorrow!” to make up for it. You always, ALWAYS, deserve the best for yourself. The best way to “cure” yourself to get back on track is by treating yourself to even MORE healthy fruits and vegetables and clean eating the next day. If you feel guilty or use the “Cleanse for Life” cleanse day as a way to “undo” the “bad” then you are not setting yourself up for long term sustainable success. An easy replacement is to plan a cleanse day about 4 days after you have gone “off track.” By then, you’ll forget that you felt badly and you’ll have given yourself enough time to get on a healthier track that’s not so up and down. Remember! This is a SMOOTH TRAINTRACK toward optimal health and wellness. It’s ALWAYS a learning experience. Learn about yourself. Choose to grow. Choose to be BOSS. And start taking control!


PS! Stop worrying! Worrying is a form of fear, and fear puts faith into a negative outcome. Be smart. Put your energy and faith toward the positive outcome that you can control! What you focus on you will find, so focus on being healthy, having fun, enjoying life!


How are you a social smartypants? Be that voice of inspiration for others. Share your tip with us in our community here.

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