Couples Who Sweat Together, Stick Together

Couples Who Sweat Together, Stick Together

I’ve been working out with my husband for almost 20 (agh!) years, and here’s the scoop on 3 reasons why couples should work out together.

workout3​1. You Got My Back, I Got Yours
When you work out together, you take on the attitude of “What can I do for you?” instead of “What did you do for me?” There’s no tallying. It’s pure effort of working together. When you worry more about giving vs getting, that shift carries over into any aspect of your relationship.

2. You Show Each Other What You’re Made Of
I’m small and mighty and I want to show that to my husband. I enjoy seeing the pride in his face while I’m gritting my teeth, pushing it through one last push-up. You build up each other’s inner voices without even saying a word out loud. “I believe in YOU. I think YOU can do it.” Whether you’re doing the same routine together, or spotting each other, you can really show each other that you’re here to push through together. You can bring that same determination when you go through a tough problem together outside the gym.

3. It’s a Sexy Processworkout5
No brainer here. You’re sweating, grunting, and pushing your body. Need I say more? Working out can be a sexy process. You’re making eye contact, sweat’s dripping down all kinds of places… You’re kicking up all those good endorphins. You’re looking better, you’re feeling better. No matter what, the end result of working out together is a strong, sexy confidence. Enough said.

There’s no better accountability partner than looking around and seeing who you wake up next to and who you go to bed next to. So grab your partner and let’s go!

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