Crush Your Goals in 3 Simple Steps

10700260_10152896496754734_6237057578421693621_oCrush Your Goals in 3 Simple Steps
If you have a strong, confident mindset, the goals for your body will follow. Here are some expert tips to get you on the right path.
Step 1:  Cut the Wishy-Washy.
Want to lose 10 pounds? Build lean muscle? Break a personal record? Get specific. Don’t just say, “I want to be healthier.” Feed your mind with concrete goals. Write your goal down then say it out loud to yourself. Better yet, tell others. Boom. Now you’ve made it real. You’re in.
Step 2: Dig Deep to Your Why.
Most people set up a goal but miss this extremely important next step: Why do you want to reach that goal? How will your life change as a result to you getting there? Maybe you want more energy to chase after your dog or your grandkids. Keep this “why” close to your heart. Focus on it. Picture your life as the new you — and your actions and choices will automatically follow.
Step 3: Get Rid of Your Baggage.
Sure, it takes about 21 or more days of consistent action to create a new habit, but what about your old baggage? No, I’m not talking about your old gym bag and sweaty socks. I’m talking about old habits that start creeping in about 7-10 days in. Self doubt. Fear. Anxiety. The ones that end up coming out as, “I’m too busy.” or “I don’t have the time.” Overcome old habits by finding the gym community that will uplift you, support you, and fits your lifestyle. You’ll be amazed how your attitude and efforts change when you find the right environment.
Now what are you waiting for? With a community like Denver, there’s something for everyone. Tell yourself, “I can. I will.”
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