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Hilary Scheppers power posing in El Dorado Canyon State Park, CO

When you first choose to live a healthy life, there is an element of risk. You are choosing to change bad habits, poor habits, or a past life that is comfortable, which means that you will have to let go of what you have known. There is hesitation of committing 100% because what you actually fear is the possibility of success. What if you actually achieve your goals? Would you still have the same friends you do now? Would your relationships at work change? What would you have to give up? Knowing that your whole life could change is something that Hilary Scheppers has been wrestling with throughout her Strong Confident Living journey. She describes it as “crossing the threshold” into choosing the hard thing. As scary as it may be to completely transform yourself, it is scarier to remain the same. It is scarier to risk the possibility of never having a better, more beautiful life.

Name: Hilary Scheppers

Current City: New York, NY

Title: MFA Graduate Student

I frequently ask myself how can I make my life more beautiful? How can I make the world more beautiful? Creating a beautiful life is something we would all like to do.

Daring to live with strength . . .

Scheppers started exercising with the community at Pearl Street Fitness because of the small-sized community with a kick-ass mentality. A group of people driven for positive change in themselves and the community was exactly what she wanted. She soon found that exercising regularly was a lot of movement but there was an element of action missing on her part. She was confusing movement for action and avoiding the deeper issues at hand. “I had always struggled with disordered eating habits, especially when I’m stressed, and I didn’t know exactly how to get rid of them.”


Elena Rose, Laura St. John, & Hilary Scheppers at Pearl Street Fitness

Scheppers started choosing the hard thing, the better choice, with the support of the SCL family. Instead of choosing unhealthy options for handling stress, ones that would make her more miserable, she started choosing exercise in its place. “I realized that all I needed was to clear my head or actually face a problem. And I realized that if I could handle the physical stress endured for 60 minutes at Pearl Street, then I could conquer whatever problem occurred in my day.”

The real change she said was finding that support from the community. Scheppers always knew that it was the smarter thing to workout when feeling stressed, but would opt for the easy option of staying home and eating two chocolate bars. She said it was the incredible energy from the people that drove her to make these changes in a real way.

“I was afraid to really change who I was, but the people gave me the strength to be that person, so that I could really start my life.”

Daring to live with confidence . . .

Hilary’s Healthy Life Guide to Start “Crossing the threshold”

10624817_893455370686791_2168430477250890466_nChange Your Attitude, Love Your Attitude

What I love most about the Strong Confident Living family is that they do everything out of love. The whole community has chosen an attitude of love – loving each other, loving themselves, and loving exercise – even if it hurts. If you’re not choosing love, you’re choosing fear, and to live out of fear is crippling and unfulfilling.

Welcome Diversity

This community also showed me how diverse strong and confident people can be. It does not mean that we are all the same size, same athletic ability, or even personality. We are simply bonded together by the desire for self-improvement and that is so unique. I love that I am able to share the experience with someone twice my age or someone beyond my fitness level. I can come to anyone with my issues and find strength through them.

Celebrate with your Heroes

As we get older it’s harder to find heroes, but you need to find them, befriend them, and then celebrate with them. My heroes are my friends, and so I choose friends that embody heroic qualities. When I accomplish my goals, I want to be standing next to people that I believe are the best people in the world. So sharing my life with heroic friends is important.

Give up Complaining

To speak ill of an event or person is to dwell in a place of suffering and often traps you into feeling like a victim. This mindset is a pitfall. You will experience unfortunate events that are out of your control but as long as you did everything in your power to make the situation right, then there is nothing to complain about. You get the results you want when you create action.

Lose the unnecessary things

SCL showed me examples of people who have completely simplified their lives to maximize their happiness. I’ve seen people downsize their possessions, spend more time with their family, and actually create better friendships along the way. If a person or a job or a possession in your life is not bringing you joy, then what purpose does it serve? Surround yourself with the things that bring you joy, and simply let go of the rest.

Take risks

Build up the your confidence by going outside of your comfort zone – and start small. It is slow at first, but that’s what it is like to be at the beginning, even when you’re riding a bike for the first time in 20 years. Changing poor habits of comfort aren’t eliminated, they must be replaced. Look for the things that you love that you would rather have as part of your life and focus on those things.

Scheppers wants you to know that taking the chance on a healthier lifestyle will be uncomfortable at first, but then it becomes a part of who you are and the positive changes are inexplicable. “It’s not easy, but it’s oh, so worth it,” she said.

Start choosing a healthy lifestyle, a positive mindset, to see a healthy mind and body. You can, you will.

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