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“Being myself and being good to people is where I’m at. I’m always trying to get better.” – Drew

People. “People” was the word that generated most in my interview notes with Drew Goldstein. “People” was the reoccurring theme of our conversation which delighted me because it’s the mission of SCL: to focus on building, strengthening and creating amazing people who support each other. People who push for getting better every day, and helping others do the same, which is exactly what Pearl Street Fitness trainer, Goldstein does.

He has an ongoing process of analyzing his actions every day so he can be a better coach. He is always questioning, researching, and picking the brains of other health professionals to find what more is out there. He is constantly improving his training, how he is training, strengthening every aspect of his being – all day.

I want to be a great trainer. I’m still not great – and that’s a good mindset to have.

Name: Drew Goldstein

Current City: Denver, CO

Title: Personal Trainer & Fitness Instructor

Can you tell me a little bit about life before PSF/SCL?

DG: Eight or nine years ago, I was in a desk job that I dreaded waking up to and going to each day. The high point of my day was going to the gym. Everything I did there was for me–I felt stress relief–and my mind and body were getting better at the same time. I started looking at the trainers and I thought, I could do that, and probably do it even better! So I started personal training courses, working and doing that at the same time.

What about your first PSF workout with Scott?

DG: (laughs) To be honest, I wasn’t working out for about eight months, I had kind of lost the want to workout… so they were like, why don’t you try a workout? In the warm up, I was on my knees trying to get oxygen, and I look up, and there are eleven women crushing it.

I had two thoughts. I was pissed because I had to get my ass in shape, and I was motivated at the same time.

The second workout was better, but I had too much coffee…and Scott was looking over at me like ‘I don’t know about this guy.’ But I was motivated to get better.


Strong Confident People getting in their outdoor workout.

What do you focus on as a trainer?

DG: It’s really about trying to teach people about their bodies, adjusting the patterns of their movements, cleaning that up so that their patterns in their daily life are better.  How we sit, stand, sleep, pick up things – all those things – affect our livelihood more than our workouts. If you’re tight and you sit down all day, you can’t undo that in two months. So you need to teach people how to have posture, and keep the body fit safely and efficiently.

What’s your motto? Words you live by?

DG: I found myself always repeating “all day— all day!” so I got it tattooed on my arm! I always say ‘you got more in the tank. You’re better than you know. You’re stronger than you know!’ Things that are tough are probably the things that are good for you. Embracing change and discomfort is something we should do.

Dig deep in your heart and soul and push yourself to be uncomfortable for the things you want.Dig Deep in Your Heart

What’s your goal right now?

DG: Making sure I’m eating in a timely manner, not skipping meals or workouts for a few days. Even as a trainer there are times you don’t want to work out and so you need other trainers to kick your ass. I take workouts with the members– I want them to see me struggle, see my actions, so they believe my words. I want my body to be a reflection of what I’m trying to preach.

Is there something that you have done, accomplished that you wouldn’t have been able to do four years ago?

DG: I don’t think I would have been able to work the hours that I have now mentally and physically. It’s a demanding job and if I didn’t have Scott and Laura as my mentors, I wouldn’t be able to do this. I’ve worked for people in gyms that didn’t care about the right things. But for Scott and Laura they care about people’s health and fitness the most. They said, ‘we want you to be as good as you want to be, and we are going to help you get there if you want to get there.’ That’s really big to hear that. Being led by people that inspire you to be like that helps me keep getting better.


Drew and Laura St. John killing it.

Pushing yourself to be better and get better all day is only possible when you surround yourself with others who share that same mindset. You need the motivation and strength of other people to push you to be your best self – because isn’t that what we all want? You can choose your friends and you can choose your mindset. So choose to fill your life with amazing people.

Jim Rohn said, “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with,” so look around. Are people inspiring you to be your best self – all day, every day?

Who inspires you? If you have a story of a strong confident person in your life, share it in the comments! 

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