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Are there any requirements to get started?

When you become a member of Strong Confident Living, you get access to the programs that have already been released, the ones that are current, and you will get access to the newest content as it drops. We drop new content all year long to keep things “spicy” and leave you wanting more! There are no requirements to start.

How long do I have access to the membership benefits?

Once you’re in, you’re in! You’re part of our family. After enrolling, you have unlimited lifetime access to this course for as long as you are enrolled – across any and all devices you own

What if I need to cancel?

You can cancel membership at any time. You are not stuck with any contracts or anything like that! You decide which ongoing membership model works best for you (monthly, 6 months, 1 year).

Do I need equipment for the workout portions?

Majority of our workouts are body weight in design. When you want to push it to the next level, some workouts will give you the option to include dumbbells.

What fitness level do I need to be? Can I modify? Can my kids do it?

All fitness levels welcome. This is a household membership. The workouts can be modified and self-paced so you push yourself to the limit that works for you. Scott will prompt you with ways to regress or progress the movements to make it a little easier or a little harder. You are encouraged to take breaks as you need to. It means you are working hard. Stay safe and never push past pain. Keep it F’n Simple. Do less better. Emphasis is on quality over quantity, safety and form. Kids can absolutely join in on the fun, just have them follow along with bodyweight only. Get strong and confident as individuals and even stronger as a family unit.

How long do I have access to the membership benefits?

Your membership, like all the best things in life that evolve, is ongoing. We will spew fresh weekly and monthly content your way. We keep it simple, so it is designed to be self paced. People love that there is a unique mix of bundled content that is structured for those who love to move ahead in a checklist, step by step format. Plus, there is a lot of content that you can dive into on your own so you start and finish on your own time. We’re teachers at heart — we’ve got you covered.

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