Isagenix! How I lost 3 pounds in 3 days

Wondering if Isagenix works? Here’s how adding a little more Isagenix to my diet was exactly what I needed to lose 3 pounds in 3 days.scale-help-photo-300x198

Let me start by saying that I really didn’t set out to lose three pounds in three days. I just hit a point where my eating habits through the holidays caught up with me and I decided to go back to the one thing that I knew worked for me in the past, Isagenix. I started with an Isagenix 30 day plan a little over a year and a half ago and lost 7 stubborn pounds right away. Then, I’ve just stayed with the products in “maintenance mode”, casually mixing it into my regular diet which I try to keep at the 85% healthy choices and 15% fun plan that Laura St.John always chats about on Strong.Confident.Living. (If you’re not familiar with her awesome nutrition support tips, follow her on Periscope @CRUSHyourgoal)

I’m not going to bore you with the yummy details of how I added on a few extra pounds. I think that it is pretty obvious. It was the holidays and I ate too much. My diet literally got flipped around to 15% healthy and 85% fun. But all the fun came to a screeching halt when I went to put on my favorite jeans. Jeans don’t lie. At that point I decided not to kill myself over it. Life happens and I did enjoy that extra piece of chocolate cake. I decided the best thing to do now was to ramp up my Isagenix. I felt like a needed a whole new 30 day nutritional intervention.  So, here’s step by step, hour by hour, exactly what I did.

Isagenix President's Pak
First, I assembled all my “tools” from the pantry. I keep a good mix of Isagenix products in the cabinet for fast access to healthy snacks and meals on the go. I pulled together most of the stuff that comes in your Isagenix Presiden’t Pak. I am the kind of person that needs variety, so this mix of products is my favorite and the one I recommend to all my friends. (If you want to hear more about why we recommend the President’s Pak there’s a great video on the Strong.Confident.Living. Weight Loss Page)

Then it was time to get started. Here is what I ate and did hour by hour…

Step by Step How to Use Isagenix to Jump Start Weight Loss

8AM Wake up!

Morning Rev Up: I woke up and had a big glass of water. I took one Isagenix Natural Accelerator, this gets my metabolism moving a little faster. Then I made myself a nice cup of hot Isagenix Coffee. I can’t start the day without coffee. I tried, but nobody likes me when I don’t drink coffee (including me!). The one change I made was that instead of sugar I added some pumpkin spices to my coffee to give it a little flavor and just a little cream. I’ve been trying to cut back on sugar. I know it’s not good for me and the Isagenix coffee isn’t so bitter that you really need it sweetened. After the natural accelerator and the coffee, I’m awake!  Woohoo! Time to shower and start the day.


10:00 AM Breakfast

Next, I’m running to drop kids at school and check work emails. I need something fast. This is when I make an Isagenix shake. I’m not even usually that hungry after the coffee but I have the shake anyway. Laura’s support tips are stuck in my head and I hear her telling me to keep eating and don’t let yourself get too hungry. (Really, if you’re not following her on @CRUSHyourgoal, you should! Her live streamed tips are great.)

Team IsagenixI usually don’t just make a plain Isagenix shake. They aren’t bad plain. When I’m in a real rush I do just throw two scoops with water and ice into my brother-in-law’s cool Team Isagenix shaker cup that he left at my house. It kinda makes me feel like I’m in shape just carrying it around! (If you don’t follow my brother-in-law, Scott St.John on @pearlstreetfit, you should! He live streams free, ridiculously hard workouts for all fitness levels on periscope.)

Anyway, back to my shakes… I like to mix things in and I usually like them thick with ice in a blender (more like an ice cream shake!). Here are a few of my favorite Isagenix shakes that I rotate.

  • Isalean Chocolate shake with a scoop of cocoa powder to make a dark chocolate shake
  • Isalean Strawberry shake with a banana. Yum!
  • Isalean Kosher Vanilla with Orange replenish to make a cream sickle shake! (I’m not kosher but I tried the Kosher Vanilla once and loved it!)


12:00 PM Snack

Ok, 12 o’clock seems like lunch time but I really didn’t eat breakfast that long ago and am not super hungry yet. This is around the time I grab my first snack of the day. I have a couple of easy snacks that I like to keep on hand. One of my favorites are the Isagenix Fiber Snacks. I like them in either flavor (they come in almond crisp or peanut). I sometimes add a little coconut oil to the almond crisp bar. I find a little extra fat keeps me full longer and adds a new taste to it that I love! Another favorite snack are my homemade protein balls. I posted the recipe a while ago. Here’s the link. They are a family favorite. My kids love them too! I try to keep my snacks under 150 calories. The point is to take the edge off your hunger, keep yourself from getting that “starved” feeling, and keep your metabolism moving.


1:00 PM Drink Something!

Drink More Water with IsagenixI constantly have to remind myself to drink. I don’t exactly know why it’s so hard for me, but if I don’t keep reminding myself, I will literally go the entire day without drinking anything. The one thing I learned way back when I did my first 30 days is that drinking water with the Isagenix system really helps. We even did two articles on Strong.Confident.Living, one on the benefits of drinking water  and the other one how to make drinking water less boring. You’d think by now I’d learn, but I have to keep reminding myself. So, my tip here is to make water a little more flavorful. I add the orange or lemon-lime replenish. I put just a little sprinkle of either in my water and it goes down much more easily.


2:00 PM Lunch time

Isagenix Isalean BarsThis is a late lunch but I know afternoon is definitely my downfall. If’ I don’t stay full in the afternoon I literally eat everything in my cabinets while I make dinner. Now, I could do a second shake, (that’s a great option) but when it’s cold out I don’t always want another cold shake. I usually opt for my absolute favorite Isagenix products which are the Isalean meal bars. I can’t even say how much I love them. They are good plain, but of course I like to mix it up. My number one favorite combo is the Isalean Caramel Cashew Crunch bar with a little smear (1 tsp) of peanut butter on top or coconut oil. I kinda eat them every day! I also like the oatmeal bars with a little almond butter or the chocolate cream crisp. I sometimes cut the bars in half and eat it over the course of the hour. When I am done, I wash it all down with my Ionix Supreme. It gives me a boost of energy in the afternoon and tastes great after having a bar (which actually do make me pretty thirsty!).


4:00 PM Chocolate!

Isagenix Ionix Supreme and IsaDelight ChocolatesI’m sorry, but who doesn’t love chocolate as part of a diet. At 3PM is when I grab my IsaDelight chocolate. I really like every flavor of the IsaDelights. Lately I have been into the dark chocolate mint but my next order has the salted chocolate caramel, which I am dying to try! These chocolates are designed to curb your hunger so they are the perfect treat in the afternoon when I usually start to struggle.  (I also sometimes throw in a second cup of coffee here to fuel me through the rest of my night.)


6:00 PM Dinner

I made it to dinner! Yay! (Happy Dance) I’ve been good all day and I haven’t really been starving. This is where you need to put a little planning into action. Don’t blow it on one big meal. Think 400-600 calories. I like volume when it comes to dinner so I try to make it “feel” big by adding soup and salad or vegetables. I try to even make it into courses. So first, a cup of low calorie chicken soup or vegetable soup. Next, a big colorful salad. Stay away from calorie busters like creamy dressing and croutons. I would rather save my calories for other foods. Then, I make a protein like chicken and a little bit of starch like pasta, rice, or potato. I can actually make 1000 meals out of a pre-cooked supermarket rotisserie chicken (but I’ll save that for another time!). The key is to keep the carbs to a minimum. There are a lot of great healthy meal ideas on our Pinterest boards. There you’ll find some great recipes from our community (many of whom are much better chefs than I am!)


8:00 PM Snack

The 8PM snack for me is “as needed”. I’m not much of a late night snacker, but if you are, you should plan on something little that will keep your mouth busy. A few slices of apple with peanut butter, a few raw almonds. Remember, you’ve crushed it all day and now is not the time to blow it. Stay focused on the plan. It will work if you stick to it!


10:00 PM Bedtime Belly Buster

Ever hear of the Isagenix Bedtime Belly Buster?? It is this really cool way to trick your body into burning some additional calories while you sleep. I find it is the perfect late night snack that fills me up before bed. I mix one scoop of Vanilla IsaPro (that is the whey protein) with a little orange replenish and half milk and half water. Sometimes I use unsweetened vanilla almond milk. Drink that right before bed, take 2 IsaFlush capsules, and then go to sleep!

Voila! I did that exact routine for 3 days and dropped 3 pounds.

Now, there isn’t anything very scientific about it. I basically am following the Isagenix system. Plus, I’m not a doctor or nutritionist and I certainly don’t want to make any claims or guarantees, but I did want to share exactly what I was doing post-holiday to lose weight fast. I know it isn’t a race to get back into my skinny jeans but when I get a quick jump start on dropping pounds it gives me a big shift in my attitude towards my diet and my exercise. First, I feel like what I am doing is working and that keeps me motivated. Half of the time losing weight is as much a mental challenge as it is a physical issue. Next, I think it is just way easier to exercise when you are a few pounds lighter. Who doesn’t want to be LEAN AND MEAN? (If you need fitness ideas, definitely check out @pearlstreetFIT)

Does Your Diet Need a Jump Start?

Everything I described here you can get as part of your initial 30 day Isagenix President’s Pak. If you are already working with someone who wants to help set you up with Isagenix, go for it! If not, we’d be happy to help get you started. The goal is to jump start your weight loss in a super healthy way and then use all of the community and support at Strong.Confident.Living to give you everything you need to maintain this amazing lifestyle.

Click here to contact us and get strarted on Isagenix!

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