How to Eat All Day and Lose That Belly

Lose That Belly Starts By Knowing When to Eat!

SIMPLE 6Lose That Belly FastIf you’ve been following me then by now you have probably heard of “Laura’s Simple Six” meal plan. After working with a bunch of incredible nutritionists, and seeing clients at our gym not following their prescribed meal plans, I knew there had to be a simpler way.

People are busy! Are you busy? I’m sure you are not sitting around all day with a ton of free time, right? I found that if I could create a structure that was simple to follow so it got people on track, but flexible enough to bend a little with our busy lifestyles, I could help people create a long term, sustainable way of eating all day! Voila. The Simple Six meal plan was born. I secretly think of it as a simple six way to get sexy six-pack abs. Yes! Here you go.

First, break your day into 6 meals and snacks: 3 meals, 3 snacks. Boom! You’re on your way to lose that belly for good. Eating every few hours with a meal or a snack will rev up your metabolism, burn more fat, and change your body! Next, plan out your day as follows!

Team Isagenix Shake DayLosing that belly starts with BREAKFAST!

C’mon you know you’re supposed to eat breakfast…

Breakfast: The “most important meal of the day” sets yourself up for failure or success for the rest of the day. If you have a protein-rich breakfast, you will be more satisfied and it will help curb sugar and carb cravings that occur later in the day. For me, this is where the Isagenix shake comes in handy. It’s got the perfect nutritional profile of proteins/good carbs/healthy fats that sets me on the right course. I love to add probiotics (Isagenix FiberPRO) and Isagenix greens to my shake. Other options I enjoy for breakfast include eggs, spinach, fresh tomato. Greek yogurt with nuts and blueberries. Oatmeal with a sprinkle of cinnamon and berries. What do you love? Post on our Facebook group!


Isagenix Snack AlmondsMid-Morning Snack: Don’t forget to continue to fuel your body. I love to have a hard-boiled egg (or two!), apples and peanut butter, a rice cake with nut butter and sliced bananas, or an Isa-delight dark chocolate with a small handful of raw almonds. Stick to 1 Tbsp of nut butter. Don’t go overboard. Think quality nutrients over calories, but this is not a meal. Just a snack! You want to lose that belly!!


Salad for Lunch on an Isagenix Shake DayLunch: Choose a healthy lunch. Recognize the difference of “satisfied” versus full. Choose half your plate of greens and vegetables, then add a lean protein (fish, chicken, lean meat, tofu…) and then a little complex carb (rice, quinoa, sweet potato, beans), and a healthy fat (olive oil, avocado, unsalted sesame seeds). For food shopping ideas, check out our article (Here’s the Link!)


Isagenix Isalean Bars as a Snack on an Isagenix Shake DayMid-Afternoon Snack: My mid-afternoon snack keeps me from being ravenous at dinner-time. It also makes me eat lighter at lunch knowing this is coming! I’m usually on the go, finishing up work and picking up kids, so I choose an Isagenix protein bar or have another shake around 3pm. Most people don’t think of having a second shake or something substantial at this hour, but I’ve seen it save a ton of people just like me. It’s important to know when you ‘fall apart’ during the day: When are you most likely to get into an unwanted habit? For me, it’s eating the house down while I cook at night. Always backtrack 2-3 hours before that time and give yourself something nutrient dense. So for me this is a Mid-Afternoon Snack SAVER! It will totally balance you! Game changer!

(If you fall apart in the afternoon, then eat more earlier in the day to lose that belly fast!)


Healthy Recipe for an Isagenix Shake DayDinner: Only if you’re in weight loss mode, then it’s an option to use the shake as a meal replacement for any 2nd meal of your day. If you’re in athletic performance or maintenance mode, choose a healthy dinner similar to what I wrote up for lunch. I LOVE FOOD! Most people think that since we own gyms or do challenges like this, that we are depriving ourselves. No way! You should be eating more nutrients throughout the day, maintaining your blood sugar, and feeling amazing! Even on non-workout days. Remember, this is a lifestyle, not a quick fix. EAT! Your body will be filling up with amazing nutrients, and soon you’ll dump the unwanted habits.


If you are in weight loss mode and really want to lose that belly, you could replace more than 1 meal a day with a shake. Otherwise, integrate your 2nd shake as a snack or post-workout nutrition. Isagenix is about adding simple nutrition to your day when you need it most. It’s high in quality, and low in calories. It will automatically help you shed fat and curb cravings — all while getting healthier!


Isagenix Shake and Bedtime Belly BusterNight Time: Bedtime Belly Buster!  You can either have another snack after dinner (if I need dessert, I love an Isa Delight chocolate with a dollop of ice cream!), or go for the Bedtime Belly Buster with us at Strong. Confident. Living! The bedtime belly buster is one scoop of IsaPRO straight-up whey protein, with a tablespoon of Isagenix Replenish/Hydrate. My sister also swears that adding FiberPRO to her BBB really helps her digest it. So if you need help with digestion, add some fiber. This BBB concoction reduces bloating, helps burn fat, build and recover lean muscle, and keeps your metabolism even while you sleep. The science of how your body metabolizes protein at night is pretty cool. So try it — and don’t forget to take before photos and after photos after a few weeks! Important – Enjoy this Bedtime Belly Buster within 30 minutes of going to sleep. I blend it with about 6 ounces of water and no ice. Just a little nightcap in a cute cup!


Isagenix Works! Sister Drinking and Losing WeightSo now you have the structure to get started and get on track. But I know what will make you successful at this forever is its flexibility. What you will love about Isagenix and my Simple Six meal plan is that you take a look at your busy day ahead, and choose it for 1 meal and 1 snack. That’s the easiest way to think maintenance. Once you’re a pro then you’ll see how easy it can be for 2 meals and 1 snack. Or for 2 snacks and one meal. Or for 1 snack and no meals. It’s so simple! The more you do it, the more you will realize how you can travel, work, and live our busy lifestyles backed by the amazing on-the-go nutrition, whenever and wherever you need it! By simply getting on this healthy track you will finally lose that belly and keep it off!

What are your favorite healthy meal and snack options? Do you love the Bedtie Belly Buster, too? Share your photos, recipes, and tips, or get ours! Join our Facebook community for daily inspiration.

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