How to Get Free Live Workouts on Periscope

2015-08-20 16.32.16There’s been a lot of buzz this week around the launch of Pearl Street Fitness workouts LIVE on the free Periscope App as a new way to expand the Strong Confident Living Movement. Fox News, ABC News, and Women’s Fitness Magazine all came by yesterday to check out how this local Denver fitness phenomenon was creating the first World Wide Workout. So what’s it all about? Scott St.John explains that it is all about the people. Pearl Street Fitness brings virtual workouts and fitness tips to inspire and motivate the Strong Confident Living community. “We already support one another using social media”, says St.John. “Periscope allows us to broadcast LIVE workouts from amazing locations where anyone can join in, interact, and exercise together – and it’s all free. That means there are no excuses!”

How to get in on the FREE LIVE WORKOUTS.

Step 1. Get a Twitter Account. Already on Twitter (great! skip to step 2). Not on Twitter, no worries! You only need an email account to set up a Twitter account (and you do not need to tweet anything.)

Step 2. Download the periscope app from your app store or got to Then use your twitter account to log in.  It’s FREE!

Step 3. Follow us on Twitter and Periscope. For Free Workouts follow @pearlstreetFIT for Nutrition tips and more follow @CRUSHyourgoal

Miss a live broadcast, no problem! They remain available in periscope for 24 hours. Just search @pearlstreetFIT

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