Learn How to Build Your Willpower for Massive Results

Willpower! Isagenix - Expect Great ThingsDoes life test your willpower? Let me know if you have ever said anything like this before…

Why can’t I say NO when I know I should?

I have few glasses of wine then it’s all over — I totally give in and eat anything!

I have no willpower when it comes to ______!

Sound familiar? Of course! That’s life. Life is fun! But it’s also really HARD — throwing us curveballs like tasty slurpees on a hot day! Don’t make it harder than it needs to be! I’ve outlined EASY tips for building your willpower that will help you crack the code to crush your goal. We’re talking MAJOR breakthroughs to massive results!

Recognize the Test

Isagenix for weightlossLife always feels like a test to push us to our limits! Like the sugary treats your coworkers keep bringing in each week! But tests also mean grades which mean passing and failing, which means judgement of good vs bad. These labels put us right back on to the up and down roller coaster ride of guilt all day! A major breakthrough will happen when you stop feeling like everything is testing you, and you “fail” if you aren’t “good”.


There’s no way to stop this test — if you’re breathing right now then know that it’s going on everyday. Everyday you are going to be tempted. Sugar and pizza and chocolate are not going anywhere. Get it? So once you recognize you’re already playing — why not play at 100% and be a winner? It just takes a little training, like all champions go through… And I’m here to show you how! But first I want you to be sure you got that this not something I’m going to grade you on! So the first step to your big breaking through in building your willpower starts with the general understanding that you’re already in it — so you might as well WIN it!
Action Item! Stop in your tracks this week every time you recognize the challenge! Celebrate when you recognize it. Regardless of your outcome, that’s the first step! Life is a test – and the most important part is how you show up in that test. It’s happening for you, not to you! It’s giving you an opportunity to learn to be your best self!! I’ll teach you how to show up as a champion ready to conquer anything that comes your way!

Expect Great Things: Raise the Bar

Raise the bar with IsagenixWhy is it important that you build willpower? Because you are already capable and strong, even if you don’t realize it yet! So the first thing I want you to do is expect that you can. That sounds easy but most of us train ourselves over the years to expect that we can’t. I can’t resist sugar. I can’t resist chips. I can’t I can’t I can’t. Stop! You deserve better. Your family deserves a better version of you, too! And you can! It all starts with the expectation you set for yourself. It’s time to raise that bar! Catch yourself when you hear yourself saying “I can’t” and say “it’s a challenge, but I can!” Expecting you can is the best training you can give your brain – it feeds it the highest level of your thoughts and beliefs. If you truly expect to win then your body and mind will just close the gap and follow! You CAN do it. Drop the “can’t” label! Is it gone yet? Thank you.


Action! You can stop your head from all the inside negotiations going on in there! Take 60 seconds to regroup, even if that means stepping out the room for a few minutes instead of sitting at the bowl of chips wondering if you should just have more handful. STOP. It’s all a choice. Ask yourself? Who’s BOSS? Are the chips boss? NO! Is the ice cream boss? NO! I AM BOSS! Using the words “I” and “AM” speaks to your identity, the strongest force in your brain to help you realize that you are full of willpower!


Starting right now, I want you to be BOSS over the things that you used to not have willpower over. Tell that sugary donut staring at you who is BOSS. Be BOSS. Be the champion. I want to see photos all week long of what you are BOSS over. You win! Expect it! When you snap a photo of it and share it with the community you capture the memory for yourself, which builds your mental muscle up super strong! It also sprinkles inspiration for the rest of us to believe that we CAN, too!!

Expect the Expected!

Isagenix - Be StrongAll this BOSS stuff starts when you can plan for the stuff you KNOW happens consistently. If you know your boyfriend always cooks on Thursdays with tempting foods, and you enjoy it, then plan for it! Pull it into your 85% healthy, 15% fun Simple 6 Meal Plan! Once you recognize that you’re always in the test, and that you CAN be BOSS champion over anything that’s testing you, you will build the willpower that you need to conquer your food choices — and other hard things in life! First, I want you to fold a piece of paper in half and on the left side list out all the expected temptations you want to build more willpower muscles around. There are things like the questions in the beginning of this article. What do you KNOW already you need help with? Once you expect it, say I CAN, and make a game plan of how you will conquer it, then your brain will start to see it in black and white right in front of you. This is where our live Q&A sessions help as I will help you figure out what to replace, or how to plan for it. It’s going to be SIMPLE! Once you plan for the expected temptations you can move on to the next part — the unexpected.


I want you to go back through our Simple 6 Meal Plan. We’ve already learned about how to choose healthy foods (link to costco article), and how to balance in the secret ingredient for success (link to FUN article), so now you’re ready to step up your willpower by planning for these expected temptations.


Action! Be PROUD! After you recognize the test and you’re BOSS over it, I want you to say I AM PROUD of myself for __… Every time you build pride in your efforts and choices you will get even STRONGER for the next time gobstoppers and cotton candy come your way!

Expect the Unexpected.

Team IsagenixYou are way stronger than you think. You create your own story every single day! Once you learn to conquer the things that you know are holding you back, you can now start to field the UNEXPECTED curveballs life will throw you just to see how strong you REALLY are! Soon this will become effortless! It doesn’t need to be so hard. When you don’t see it as a surprise, you’re not like “Oh no! Now I have wine and cheese and a sea of fried things all around me — what should I do??” You now KNOW what to do! You’ve trained yourself on the expected stuff already. So now you will just apply it to the unexpected. When you can expect the unexpected, you are basically planning for it, too! Know that it will happen, it will continue to see how you will show up today. What’s going to happen next? Your memory is going to start pulling up the photos you posted of you being BOSS over the slurpee. You being BOSS over the goldfish crackers and chips. It’s going to pull from all the amazing references you are giving it! And it will help you make the unexpected look easy! You will astonish your friends and be a great example for them, too! You will be the great role model for your family!

Not only are you pulling from all those strong snapshots as references, you are also going to be envisioning what life is like when you are that example of what’s possible. You move away from the past and move into the future — the vision of the healthiest version of you that is on a smooth train track ride. You are strong. You are confident. You are capable of moving toward becoming that person every single day.


ACTION! Write this down: I’m already in the TEST. How am I going to choose to show up today?

At the end of the day, reflect: Did my choices today move me toward who I want to become? If it didn’t, do NOT beat yourself up! To strengthen your willpower, decide how you’d act tomorrow if those same things were to come your way to test you. Boom. You’re back on track.


Cheers to IsagenixThis is the formula that we build everything on for you at Strong Confident Living that was developed from my years as an educator. I expect you can do this with me. I respect you are all coming from different places with different backgrounds. But I know with a high level of expectation and a respect for each of you individually, I can help lead you all to success. I’ve worked with hundreds of people — some who want to lose 5 pounds to over 100 pounds… All they had to do is build up their willpower muscles! That’s my job! Your job? To learn that willpower is not a “thing” you either have or you don’t have. You already have it, all these things just help you uncover it! You will recognize you have it through your actions. Willpower is a choice, and through these AHA realizations and choices you make, you will become more strong and confident each day.


Join me on our live Q&A sessions every week where we practice this and get stronger together. I look forward to meeting the new you!

Xo L

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