New Challenge! Operation 85 – Summer Countdown


Laura853Agh! I’m so excited! Thank you so much for tuning in! I CANNOT WAIT to share with you all the juicy good stuff I got for you today!! Today I have the pleasure of unveiling the BIGGEST project to date that we are launching at Strong. Confident. Living —our kickass lifestyle community that weaves together FITNESS, NUTRITION, MINDSET, and turns it into a lifestyle to make you a better you. If you want to get on better track for a healthier, more beautiful, better version of you then YOU are in the right place at the right time! Today, I get to give you the FULL SCOOP of what we’ve been working so hard on behind the scenes and how it’s going to CHANGE YOUR LIFE. Game-changer, people!!! BTW That is my new title here, Did you see? I even changed it on my profile. I’m no longer CEO here at Strong Confident Living. I’m Laura St. John, CEG – Chief Executive “Game-Changer”— CEG doesn’t sound as fancy and sexy sounding as CEO but that is my job: I want to change your life. It is SO MUCH FUN! It’s all happening here. You’ve already taken step 1! You are here! You’re on your way.


Today I’m going to ask you to push yourself outside your comfort zone: to push yourself to have the courage to think about what your life would be like being the healthiest, kickass-est (I know, not a real word but it is) version of yourself that you know is in there. If you know it’s in there, then you really need this program I’m about to unveil. And if you’re not sure if it’s still in there, then you REALLY NEED THIS! And if you think you’re just way too busy for this? Then you of all people truly NEED this!


Think of me as your own personal “gold digger” – yep! I will help you dig out the gold that I KNOW is inside you!!

Laura851We have helped THOUSANDS of people JUST LIKE YOU break through. But to me it’s not just the articles about us in fitness magazines or being on the news all the time that should make you listen to me. To me, this is a special thing  — right here… between me and you. I can’t wait to help you, learn more about you, feature you! Think of me as your own personal “gold digger” – yep! I will help you dig out the gold that I KNOW is inside you!! I will help you make the SMALLEST CHANGES in your everyday life that will have the most DRAMATIC impact forever! That is my role here, to give you what you need in simple, step by step format to get through that treasure map — because that’s different for everybody — and it’s going to lead us to that pot of gold that I know is right there waiting for you.


I’m going to tell you HOW in just a moment…. But I know this because it’s happened to me to. So I’m going to dish out all the secret sauce each day. But first the desire has to be there.  Stretch yourself moment: Do you really WANT IT. So ask yourself… do you feel like you need a kickstart? Want to change but get a little overwhelmed in the process? Are your intentions always so good that you’ll start tomorrow, or Monday, or the 1st of the month, or the first of the year — but then you fall off the wagon and beat yourself up a little — or a lot?


DSC_5419Well I can relate… We have all been there: The point where you start down spiraling in one thing then it trickles everything else. I remember after I had my third son I just could NOT lose the weight…and everything I did seemed not to work. I felt lost, frustrated, annoyed. I didn’t feel like I was “me” — ya know? (I found myself even yelling a lot more at my kids…even though it was me who was unhappy.) …Like it was me in someone else’s body. My weight loss issue was having an impact everywhere in my life! It affected my thoughts, the way I treated myself, others, my job… It all connects! That was the AHA MOMENT when I realized that the beauty part has to happen on multiple levels — on both on the outside AND the inside! For the longest time, I had to overcome this struggle because it was EVERYDAY life that always got in the way! So people —I learned that this is the perfect time because there is never a “perfect time” — And believe me, I get it! That’s now the beauty of it! Everyday life is the perfect time to get started because that is the test, and I’m going to help you get through it. Has life ever    gotten in the way for you? Has that happened to you, too? I get it! It happens to all of us!


Today I unveil to you OPERATION 85, 85% healthy — 15% fun…


So I can’t wait to share with you what worked! Today I unveil to you OPERATION 85, 85% healthy — 15% fun…our newest and biggest project to date here at Strong. Confident. Living! We are on a MISSION for RESULTS! …to get you looking amazing and feeling the best you’ve ever felt doing the same things you already do every single day… Every day we are going to tweak one little thing! And those little things will be the magic that lead you to the results and success that you want. Let’s talk about that!


YummyMeal2Let’s talk about 3 most important things you do every single day: You eat, you think, and you move. Number one. You eat. Do you eat? Yes. There are 4 billion people on the planet. And guess what? We all eat. Personally – I LOVE TO EAT! I love sushi. I love Italian food. I love the smell of red sauce “Gravy” and garlic and olive oil. I love ice cream! Gosh I love food. So number one — This is NOT A DIET! Operation 85 is going to teach you all the tricks to eating BETTER. More healthy. More nutrients. More vitamins. More food! Get the common word here? MORE. MORE. MORE! A diet is about deprivation! I love when I learned to look at the first 3 letters of diet. DIE!  This is the OPPOSITE! LIVE! Have fun! Eat! How can we ADD more amazing food to your life to have you look and feel SO MUCH BETTER! I’m going to to bring together the best of the best stuff for you based on real people, real results, a little bit of science for all you science people, and all the everyday tips that work.

11667253_10155812845995083_6489602554214028286_nWe are going to be featuring every week, people JUST LIKE YOU who started out JUST LIKE YOU in our community JUST LIKE YOU! And now I am bringing their gifts forward — their gold…. Featuring them! I’m just Laura St. John, Chief Executive Game Changer! You are the heroes – the ambassadors that live this kickass lifestyle! I’m going to be your tour guide for support each day. So every day! In OPERATION 85 – you will be getting a nutrition tip that will keep you on track. So eating is first…. How you fuel yourself all day has a HUGE impact on your emotions and how you think and feel each hour. That affects EVERYTHING! Every decision. It’s everything. That is why we partnered with Isagenix to bring in just one meal and one snack made simple each day to keep you on track all day. If you’re not already doing that with us, and need to get started on one of our favorite starter packs, then drop us a line or connect with the person who sent you to this video or web page so you can get that one checked off your list! We are going to be doing the BEDTIME belly buster at night to get lean and mean while you sleep, and weave it in with lots of delish FOODS to eat all day. So be sure you’re doing that part with us. We will teach you how to eat all day and weave in Isagenix for LONG TERM RESULTS. You will NEVER have to worry again about “finishing something and all the weight comes back.” Say goodbye to that! I can’t wait to see your pictures and measurements as you get the body you’ve always wanted!



CleanseDay_ZenThat leads me to the second most important thing you do every single day. Number two: you think. Do you think? Yes. Do we as humans all have a brain? Yes! We can’t stop that voice inside our head from talking to ourselves. But the MOST IRONIC THING is that people don’t think about this part! And to me it’s actually the most important one! Just like you FEED YOUR BODY, you also FEED YOUR MIND every single day! You’re already doing it. So I want you to ask yourself: Are your thoughts positive all day long? Or do you beat yourself up or think what if I can’t? Do you worry? Do you feel unsure? What’s really unique to OPERATION 85 is that we don’t just lay on all the new daily habits you need to reach success. Everyone does that. What’s unique to us is that we first help you uncover what’s holding you back! If you don’t first break the habits of the OLD YOU that are no longer serving you — then no matter HOW HARD you try to become the new you, the old you will always win, or come back with a vengeance! That’s why I get how hard this is! I used to go up and down like a roller coaster ALL DAY LONG! No more. Welcome to the NEW YOU! You will be on a SMOOTH TRAIN TRACK toward optimal health and we are going to help you break through those unwanted habits. I’m a coach with our mindset partners at GROWTH U, and we are going to jump off daily tips to make you think better about yourself every day. Your mind muscles are going to get so mentally strong! I can’t wait to see you blossom!


RockREsolutions6That leads me to the third thing you do every day: You move. Do you walk or stand or sit or move your arms? Yes! If you are listening to me and have a body, then movement is a part of your everyday life. As a gym owner, I thought for years that if someone wanted to change, that they should just exercise. But that’s not the only solution! Actually, moving and exercising is REALLY REALLY HARD when you don’t like the way you look, you don’t have the energy from the right food, or you don’t have the motivation and mindset in place FIRST! Here at Strong Confident Living, it’s 20% fitness, and it’s 80% nutrition and mindset. So although we were originally built on fitness, we learned quickly what was missing from people’s lives — we would see them for an hour for a class at our gym, and we needed a way to affect the rest of the 23 hours in their day. But the movement and fitness piece is still important! We are going to bring you the best fitness moves of the day everyday in Operation85! Our mission is to get you in the habit of moving your body every day. Just a little bit to start! We will bring you the best virtual workouts and fitness tips you can bring into your local gym. We are featuring a community of badass athletes!


And know some days will not be easy… that’s ok. It’s part of it, and its where we come in. That is why we have built a whole COMMUNITY here at Strong Confident Living for support. There will be days that you are super on track and like me, once I broke that “on track” with truffle fries. It happens! We will keep it so real and so raw here, that is what makes us unique. We will not be sugar-coating ANYTHING. You will find the most authentic version of yourself and we’ll all be proud of each other. We will uplift each other. We will motivate each other. This community is larger than any single one of us. And you will be example of what’s possible to the next people that join in!



Laura852SummerSlimDownSliderSo remember I asked you today to push yourself outside your comfort zone a little bit? I want you to really listen to this part because a lot of people miss this if you’re not willing to take a stand for yourself. I want you to think about what would happen if you DON’T make a change? Today is a day that you draw the LINE IN THE SAND and make a decision: Do you need to change your habits of eating, habits of thought, habits of exercise? Are you showing up each day as the best you? Do you move each day toward the person you want to BECOME? The role model you want to be for your family and loved ones? If not, what would happen if you don’t start making a change in the other direction?? Health challenges? A path of unhealthy living that trickles down to the people that you love around you? Surgical or pharmaceutical intervention years from now? Look at Operation 85 as the simplest nutritional intervention on the planet…packed with mindset, nutrition, and fitness tips. Now think about if you make that change and get on a healthier lifestyle with us. You get you back. You get your life back. You live life better. You will look better on the outside because you do little changes every single day that change you on the inside.


WELCOME TO THE NEW YOU! WELCOME TO RESULTS! WELCOME TO OPERATION 85! Thank you so much! Check out all our links to get you started and I cannot WAIT TO SEE YOUR TRANSFORMATION UNFOLD!

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