STOP! Here is Your Operation 85 Challenge Checklist

Hey guys! I hope you are as excited as we are for the kick off of Operation 85 our newest challenge to get you ready for summer. This challenge is all about 85% HEALTHY choices and 15% FUN!! We are pulling together the best of the best in nutrition, fitness, and mindset to bring you tips and plans to follow every day! Here is the challenge checklist of everything you will need to get started and rock this lifestyle!

Operation 85 Challenge Checklist

Operation 85 - Food

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Check Out our video below on what to order from Isagenix.

Operation 85 - Exercise

Plan workouts 3 hours a week!

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Get Geared Up! Sneakers, Workout clothes, etc.. Stock Up.

Operation 85 - Mindset

Get daily motivation and inspiration! sign up for the 365 Daily Growth from Growth-U

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Operation 85 - Accountability

Accountability is soooo important! Grab your friends, your co-workers, your family, and build a group of people who can work together and support each other. Add yourself and your group to the Strong Confident Living Facebook Group.