Transformative Tips from Paul Kay

10700260_10152896496754734_6237057578421693621_oName: Paul M. Kay

Current City: Denver, CO

Title: Chief Security Officer

Meet Paul Kay…

Kay met Scott & Laura St. John back in his New Jersey days of working out, however, it wasn’t until he moved out to Colorado for work that he reconnected. He was looking for a fitness place that would challenge him, and after trying Orange Theory and other gyms out, he stumbled upon Pearl Street Fitness. Recognizing the St. John’s from years ago, he soon became a regular at Pearl Street Fitness.

“I started working out there. Laura introduced me to Isagenix, and the rest is history.”

Kay’s biggest transformation…

Besides making great friends within the fitness community, Kay saw amazing results through his commitment to a strong and healthy lifestyle. In the entirety of his journey thus far he has lost a total of 64 lbs. and reduced his body fat percentage from 33% body fat to 12-13% body fat. When asked about his next fitness goal, he said he wants to get to 10% body fat! Keep up the great (fat-burning) work!

What Kay wants you to know…


What do you love most about being part of the Strong Confident Living family at Pearl Street?

I’m working out with friends – I’m not just a client. And group exercises are just more fun – you have that competitive nature, so it pushes me harder.

What are your current goals now?

To workout smarter rather than harder. I’m trying to cut out more cardio and do more weight training. So I’m going to continue to work out at Pearl Street but tone it down and do more weight training on the side.

What is your advice for anyone starting their SCL journey?

Be patient. It doesn’t happen overnight. I’m 24 months in and I’m not where I want to be – and I don’t think I ever will! But consistency is key. Be consistent. Get more sleep. Don’t over workout. Stretch and eat well.

Show your love for Paul Kay in the comments below. What are your fitness goals? See how you can transform your body and your life by turning your life up at Pearl Street Fitness

We can, we will. 

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