Pregnancy and Working Out

Pregnancy and Working Out – Pearl Street Fitness Style
Got the sign of a double-pink line? Then it’s time to learn how you should modify your workout throughout all trimesters of your pregnancy. Denver’s Colorado’s Best Show featured Pearl Street Fitness to show off some rockstar pregnant moves and offer great advice.
 Of course you want to stay as in shape as you can. You’ll bounce back faster. You’ll be stronger when you go to pick up your new baby. And studies even show that pregnant women who stay active have leaner kids at the age of 5. Now that’s a strong, confident role model! What to do:
1. Maintain Your Activity Level.  What was your activity level pre-pregnancy? Whatever you were doing, you should be able to continue doing, with modifications to stay safe. So don’t go overboard and start a new intense workout unless you were doing it already.
2. Watch the Basics. Watch your heart rate, stay hydrated, don’t overdo it. These are pretty common sense. You’re building a life inside you. You’re already working overtime.
3. Modify! Modify! Modify! Be sure that whoever you’re training with knows you are pregnant (even if it’s still a surprise to the rest of the world) so your trainer can modify exercises for you.
Lizzie’s Tips to Avoid Ab Separation (aka Diastasis Recti)
Here are some great tips from Lizzie (who is the VERY pregnant one featured on the show) Be sure to avoid doing anything where you’re tummy/abs bulge out.  Often, this is anything in the plank position as the strength is not there to hold the abs in with control in which case causes more distress and destruction to the separation.  Think about lengthening through your upper body (strong, confident posture) and sucking your belly button in and up through standing movements.  Avoid straight sit ups as well.  Modify with side planks or cat/cow position on all fours lifting one arm at a time. In your first trimester be SUPER cautious of any ab focused activity (like crunches) as this can be a cause of the separation starting.

Special Thanks to our Fitness Partners at Pearl Street Fitness in Denver Colorado


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