Recommit to a Healthy Lifestyle – Goal Hard


OK, people. It’s time to get goal-ing, and I mean it’s time to rethink our healthy lifestyles in light of the holiday season before us! It is a never ending battle on how to navigate holiday parties and stay on track with our fitness goals each year. So what we need to do is set our goals in writing and envision how to finish the last couple of months strong, meeting our goals and still having fun.



If you already have a clear vision of how you want the last months of the year to look, then RECOMMIT! Today you’re going to goal hard. Fix your goals so that they are measurable and achievable – just the right amount of challenge to push you to change for the better without setting you up for failure.


Write down your ideal vision for the months ahead. What does a healthy November and December look like? The pen will help you write your ideal story and ultimately, help you write your healthy future into being.

Several years ago, I wrote down a goal to do five perfect push-ups, and at the end of the year, I was able to do six! This goal was so small, but so measurable that I was able to achieve it and surpass it. The simplicity of a goal can have tremendous benefits.

2. DO IT

Do make changes in your daily routine that reflect your healthy lifestyle. Being healthy isn’t something that leaves you when you leave the gym. Being healthy is in your every movement, so tap into your work life, your social life, to find areas that can be improved.

My current days involve an abundance of sedentary situations – meetings, conferences, writing – all of which invite me to sit. So, I simply stacked books and boxes upon my desk to create a standing work station. This allows my body to breathe and move more naturally throughout the day. Do it!


Ask yourself if this is still what you want the following week. Sometimes our first draft of goals looks nice but isn’t realistic enough for us to achieve. If we don’t rewrite, we get discouraged, and can end up abandoning them – which is worse. Because the desire for change remains, we must restructure our goals to make us happy. So if it’s no longer working, then you need to rewrite it.

This year, I made a weight loss goal to lose 20 pounds which I didn’t even come close to meeting; I maintained my weight. If I had revisited this goal, I would have realized that my desire for a lifestyle full of movement was stronger than my desire for seeing a lower number on the scale. Make your goals reflect what is most important to you when it comes to a healthy lifestyle. We make goals for a reason, but we need to be reasonable with what we want and how we will get that.


You need to practice recommitting every day. Say “YES” to your goals again. Say “YES” to them every morning. Say “YES” to your vision.  SAY “I WILL”. Recommit. Make the choice that “healthy” is still for you.

Share the ways you are recommitting to a healthy lifestyle for the rest of 2015? What more are you going to do to meet your health goals and still have fun?

Let’s get goal-ing in the comments.

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