SCL’s Isa-Guide: The Community Weighs in on Their Favorite Isagenix Products

You may be at the beginning of your Isa-journey or already in your groove, but you still need a way to share the way you use the products. Once you get going with these amazing ingredients, there are so many ways to get creative. This is just the first compilation of our favorites Isa-products including some serving suggestions. We have more than a few!

Here’s what some strong confident people want to share about integrating their favorites into their lifestyle.

1. Ionix Supreme


Ionix Supreme with an IsaDelight chocolate is a perfect combo.

The first of my favorite products is hands down the Ionix Supreme. It is the first thing I put in my body in the morning and the last thing I put in my body before bed. I always drink it in a tea form and I find it the perfect start and end to my day.  –Debbie Scheer

Ionix is the first thing I put into my body in 2015! – Scott St. John

Best served over ice in the summer, or as a warm tea in the winter. Works well as a 3pm pick-me-up.  – Amanda Van’t Hul

I really dig the Ionix and I drink it hot, both in the morning and at night. – Taylor Noel Jagger

2. Caramel Cashew Crunch Bars


Sweet protein-packed Caramel Isalean Bars.

My absolute favorite breakfast is the caramel cashew crunch bars with a little smear of peanut butter on top. – Katherine Patterson Dunne

3. E-Shots


Erin’s e-shots on a cleanse day.

Take them before a workout so you can crush it at the gym. Store them in your fridge. Simply give them a shake and down the shot.

I’m recently hooked on my e-shots! As a full-time graduate student on top of a 40 hour work week, I love the natural energy I get from them, without crashing later! Erin Sullivan

4. Replenish


A grape vanilla dream shake by Summer K. Lane

Replenish is a go-to. I take it with me to work out, and for me I have found that if I feel the start of a headache or worse, a migraine, and I drink some Replenish it greatly decreases the length of time I experience the headache. – Debbie Scheer

This is the greatest shake ever: 1.5 scoops Kosher creamy vanilla, 1 scoop vanilla PRO, 2 scoops grape Replenish. – Summer K. Lane

5. IsaPro Whey Protein


Kat’s breakfast in San Deigo.

I love the Chocolate Whey! When I eat my gluten free cereal I mix it with my almond milk so I have the perfect balance of carbs and protein to kick off my day!

Chocolate Whey has been perfect to mix with yogurt as well! With the high protein, low calories and versatility it adds the protein my body needs in a meal where there may not be enough! – Paula Winter

6. Vanilla IsaPro Shakes


Photo credit by Julie Caldwell.

I love to add greens to my Vanilla Isapro shakes! It tastes super yummy. – Amanda Van’t Hul

You can also add blueberries, 1/2 banana, IsaGreens and Vanilla Pro. Basic, tried & true. Missy Morrow Davis

Also adding a tablespoon of Isapro French Vanilla to my coffee in the AM.. that’s my fav!– Amanda Van’t Hul

I like a shake late afternoon to curb my starvation as I make dinner. – Katherine Patterson Dunne

7. Amped Pre-workout

AMPED-Power-500x500-300x300-1The Amped is a cherry flavored powder that gets mixed with 8oz of water and you drink it about 30 min before a workout. It’s like a red bull but without the crash (Or all of the other terrible things about red bull).


Cory & Taylor Jagger in their Isa-tees.

I love the Amped pre workout! I don’t necessarily have a special way I prepare it, but it makes me feel great.  I feel energized. Alert. Ready! That might sound weird but it’s true! – Taylor Noel Jagger

I’m also digging the amped pre-workout these days. Gives me that extra energy to really rock my workouts!  – Amanda Van’t Hul

8. Ageless Essentials Vitamins



Scott & Debbie at the Colfax Marathon.

I have also been on the ageless essentials for over two months and I think they must be working because my birth certificate states 84 years old but I swear I feel 47! – Debbie Scheer


Send me your tips for how you incorporate Isagenix into your Strong Confident Living lifestyle at and I’ll include it in SCL’s next Isa-Guide!

I can. I will. 

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