Skyrocket sales! The best ways to connect with strangers

If you can connect with strangers, you can explode your network marketing business. It’s as simple as following these amazing tips by entrepreneur and Team Isagenix ambassador Laura St.John.

Map to Millionaire: Master the Art of Connecting with Everyone – Even Strangers!

Laura and Scott and Isagenix EventI have learned that I am really good at the art of connecting with people and I just wanted to share that with a few great tips. These tips are applicable to any business, but I developed them as I grew my Isagenix Business to become the number two at enrolling in the WORLD last year! So, if you are in the Isagneix world (or any network marketing business for that matter) and want to grow your business to the next level, these tips are real golden nuggets that helped me launch into action and explode my business.

There’s a couple of things that I want to share with you. The heart of it centers around the art of connecting with people – how to really relate to people whether it’s strangers or it’s your warm market. So let’s get right into it!


Get your intention right.

The number one thing, is to start with your intention. Now believe me, this sounds easier than it is. The art to connecting with people starts when you STOP your intention to want to make a sale, and go into every day with the intention of ‘who am I going to help today?’. It’s not ‘Will I help somebody today?’, it’s ‘Who am I going to help today’. And it just sets the intention that I’m going to help someone today. Someone is going to come into my life that I’m going to attract and I’m going to help that person. I might help multiple people, but I’m going to at least help one person get on a healthier path today. Who will that be? And I let that happen.


Have natural conversation.

Laura Have Natural Conversation about IsagenixThe second thing is that I have natural normal conversation because nothing that is forced ever feels comfortable. When you force yourself into a script, and it is not natural conversation, you’re not going to be you. You’re not going to be your authentic self. So, the next thing you do when you start talking to people is you say “Hey, what’s up! How are you doing? What are you doing today? What’s going on? How are you feeling?” and people will naturally start to talk and probably complain. So, when people start saying that “I have no energy or I wish I could fit into my jeans, or I ate too much today…” they are going to give you so many opportunities to insert in a solution. You want to find the need by allowing people to complain, and then insert in a solution… “I have a solution for that! OMG I have so much energy. I feel better at forty than I did at thirty.”  Out of natural conversation you will find opportunity. Now, how you use that opportunity becomes the next key to success. So here are 3 more tips that focus on how to insert your solution successfully.


Give people solutions that sell.

So, I want to share with you are the three steps you are going to do whenever you are going to share something with anybody.Again, these tips are great for your Isagenix business or any network marketing business. Here we go!


share belief and loveShare belief before you share anything else.

The first thing you want to do is share belief. Belief is the most important thing you can share with people because it comes from your heart. Belief is an emotion, and people make emotional decisions. So, if I was standing in front of you and you were listening to me right now, you would be deciding if I’m believable because you are communicating with me. Now here is where belief matters. 55% of my communication is my body language, 38% of my communication is my tone of voice, and only 7% of how I’m communicating with you right now are my actual words. That’s right! Only 7% are my actual words. Funny, most people get stuck wondering what they are going to say. Just start talking from your heart. That is so much more important than the words you say. So, when I go to ooze belief onto someone to want to take part in Isagenix, and do what I’m doing, I know that the number one thing for them to say “Yeah! I want to join you..” is building belief. And building belief in their world. This is so important!


How do you build your own belief?

Strong Confident Living Communication INFO GRAPICA girl asked me today, “I haven’t started Isagenix yet. I don’t have a story, but I want to share it. My father wants to lose over 50 pounds. I don’t have a story yet and I don’t have to lose weight.” Remember folks, this is not about you! The day that you build belief in their world is the day that you are going to shoot into mega-star success status! Because, the number one thing about building belief is building belief and vision in THEIR world. Step in their shoes. See things through their eyes – not yours. So, when you build belief in people what you guys need to do is find what their need is, from basic conversation. For example if their need is to lose weight, this is where you share a story. It could be your story if you have a weight loss story, but it doesn’t have to be.

If you start building belief based on your story. “I did this! I lost 10 pounds right away. I feel amazing…” Let the belief ooze out of you, because it is coming from your heart it will come out as emotion. People feel emotion. They feel your energy on the other side. That’s what gets them excited and engages their imagination and it engages their emotion. They start to get really pumped up and they say “Hey, I want to get that feeling with you.” So you are building the belief. That’s if you have a story that you can put in their world that relates to them. If you don’t, this is where, as you become a seasoned pro and you are really good in the business world, you need to build your arsenal of 5 to 10 really good stories that you can share with other people that they can relate to. So, I didn’t have to lose 100 pounds, but I know of a lady that lost over 100 pounds, and I’ve sat next to people who have lost over 100 pounds with Isagenix, so I can say I understand. I’ve seen stories, and I can say with belief that there’s this lady who is amazing. She lost all this weight and the pounds kept coming off month after month after month… and this is where you build belief by being the ultimate story teller. So great tip as you try to build any business is to find out everyone who has tried that product and build your arsenal of stories you can share with people. That is going to be so powerful! It is your power. You will have energy by knowing these stories. So, if you are following me for Isagenix, go to or join Isagenix facebook groups. No matter what business you are in, learn about that business and build yourself a set of stories. If you only know one or two stories, then your homework to do right now is to go learn other people’s stories. Ask people their stories, hop online, do whatever you have to do to learn other people’s stories. That’s step one.

If you are Isagenix with me, I recommend you have two or three weight loss stories. Have a story for someone who has lost 10 pounds, someone who has lost 20 pounds, and someone who has lost a ton of weight. And then have a couple of athlete stories – from a weekend warrior or a mom like me who just works out a couple of times a week, to your ironman person or triathlete. Have one or two business stories, and then have your own story. So, anywhere between 5 and 10 stories.

The more you build belief the more you can crush your business. For me, it was going to events (so if you are on my team, get your butt to an event!). When you hear all of the stories and walk around meeting all different people that have all different stories, that is one of the best ways to build belief – which is the storytelling capability that will explode your business. You will talk with such validity. “Hey I met this girl or Hey I met this guy.. they sound just like you. You should try it!” and that is what is going to share it more than anything.


After Belief Share KnowledgeShare knowledge after to back up belief.

The next thing you need to share is knowledge. So the first thing is belief, but the second thing is knowledge. Knowledge is powerful. Here is what is happening from a brain-science perspective. First you get the emotion. You get super excited. You can see yourself doing it. They can see themselves being successful. The second thing that kicks in naturally, is that their conscious mind is going to judge itself. It is going to start to bring in the logic. And it is going to start bringing the memory of past experiences. It is going to be like, “Is this you? Does this fit?” This is where you need, as the second step to your business building, to share the knowledge. When they have something ordered and the time comes where they are starting to judge, “Should I have done this? Should I have spent all this money?” You’re feeding their logical mind the science and evidence that says “Yeah! This stuff works” So, I like to share from our Strong Confident Living website a link to and be a tour guide of the Isagenix tools (and then you don’t have to worry about knowing too much). You just have to know enough to point people in the right direction. That is all you need to know. You don’t need to know so much and be a master of science and facts, or an expert at all this stuff. Just point people to the knowledge. I love that. I share the belief. I get people excited. I point them to the knowledge. I talk to them as if they have already said yes. That ensures that I paint the picture. “When your box comes in a few days you are going to love it. It’s going to be chocolate, vanilla, we’re going to pick all your flavors, but before it comes I want you to go to and learn about the nutrition and science behind it. There’s no compromise. There is such integrity behind the products…”

Even if they don’t choose to do all that due diligence, you fed their conscious mind that judges everything, with the logic that says this thing is amazing. If you did want to do your homework, it’s there.  And you know what, I did! As a mom, I did my due diligence on Isagenix. I give it to my three boys and I know Isagenix is amazing and it is sourced from great stuff. So, share the knowledge.


CAREcONNECTCELEBRATEConnect people to something bigger.

The last piece, which is a really important piece, is sharing connection and love and community. Most people want to feel connected inside some kind of community. That is why we started Strong Confident Living. We wanted to be this community that keeps people engaged because they are supported. Share a connection. So whether your business has a facebook group. We have a website, and facebook, and periscope, and all these different ways to connect our people. (Everyone is welcome so feel free to use Strong Confident Living!) Plus, that connection piece shows our people that we aren’t just trying to sell you something. We care about you. We want to connect with you. We want to celebrate you. I call that the three “C’s” – care, connect, celebrate. This is such an important piece because it shows people that this isn’t about a diet or a quick fix, this is about changing people’s lives sustainably long term. And you show people that there is a community of people who can hold them accountable, and keep them entertained. People might have started because they wanted to lose weight or they needed some better nutrition, but they will stay with you because there is a community and long term results. That retention winds up being your residual income. So, if you do things right, money will follow. When you do things right in life, the success follows. There is value in sharing stories. There is value in sharing knowledge. If you have a product with integrity, let people strip it down and ask the questions. If they don’t move forward with you, then you didn’t need them. That connection is the glue that holds everything together.

So that’s the process that will lead you to success. Now on to my golden nuggets!

How can you connect with strangers?

People ask me all the time, How do you connect with total strangers? Now this was a major hurdle for me. I have no problem talking to people I know who I see and start asking me questions. But how do you connect with people who are total strangers? I have three things you can do to connect with total strangers. You can compliment them, you can recognize a pain point, or you can help them if they are stuck.

CONNECT WITH USGive a stranger a compliment.

First, you can compliment them.  For example, you are at a restaurant and you have an amazing waitress or you are at Target and have a great customer service person. Compliment them. “I love your people skills, you’re amazing. Thank you for your help today. Have you been in this job a really long time?” Just start the natural conversations through a compliment. This is how you start natural conversation with a total stranger. You’re going to make them feel good. Who doesn’t want to feel good? If you love someone’s people skills, compliment them and that will lead into “OMG you are so good at customer service. Is this your full time job?” They start talking. They tell you about the jobs they are working. This goes back to the process talked about earlier. They might start to complain. This is not the life that they want or this is something else. If they are totally happy doing what they are doing, then there are two opportunities here. If they love the job then you can tell them, “Awesome, I actually teach people how to make 6 figures working part time. If you are interested let me know.”  Then I pause and let them respond. I don’t just hand out my card. If they’re interested then they will let you know that they want to learn more. Then you get THEIR information. Talk with them about when you can chat with them. Tell them that you would love to talk with them tomorrow or the next day and get their information. It’s that simple

 Find a pain point.

The second thing is finding a pain point. My friend Lauren is amazing at this. Here is an example of what happened to me. I was in Dunkin Donuts in New Jersey this summer. I had my three boys with me and I had my hands full. I met a woman on the line and she started talking to me about how she had a 5 year old at home and she was working multiple jobs and didn’t get to see him as much as she would like. That brought up a pain trigger point and you need to immediately align with them. You say, “That must be really hard. That must be really difficult.” You need to align with them and then let them talk more. After you let them keep talking, you insert that “I help people just like you”. You say, “I love to help people just like you, have more time to spend with their family. That is something that really drives me – family freedom. And I would love to just share more information with you and you can decide if it is right for you.” Giving them the decision power, saying… I would love to help you, that must be really hard. I think I have a solution. You should really take a look at it. So if they are open to it, pause. Take a beat, let them respond, then take their information. Boom!

Recognize when someone is stuck.

The third one is recognizing whether people are stuck or not. What I mean by stuck is that it is not necessarily a pain point but it also isn’t what is their vision of their life.  So this is what I mean. If you are driving with your Uber driver and you are driving around town and they are loving what they are doing and they are entrepreneurial, you can ask them if this is their full time gig. They might tell you that they do this or they do something on the side, and you can say “Wow, you are really entrepreneurial.” It’s naturally going to be brought up when you meet people out and about “What do you do?” and they will start to tell you what they do and you might be able to recognize if they are stuck. One of the ways I recognize that is I say, “Is that what you always have seen yourself doing?” and you will start to get that information from them to see if that is what they want to be doing in the next 5 years just by being in a natural conversation about what they are doing. You’ll recognize if they are just stuck in their current job because they got offered a position and then it just became what they did everyday. It was their routine. They don’t know how to get out but they are not totally unhappy. It just might not be pursuing their dreams or they’ve forgotten about their dreams. Here is where you can share what you do.

Go for it!

So to recap… First, be your authentic self. Don’t be an icky salesperson! Let people naturally talk to you and complain. Find the need. Once you find the need, you have a solution to share. Share it with belief and your stories, share it with knowledge and science and data, and then connect them to this kickass amazing community Strong Confident Living. That’s everybody. That’s the process. Then to take it one step further – connect with strangers. Compliment people, especially on their people skills. Tell them that those are the skills that have helped you to grow your business and you are always looking for part time people to grow this with. Recognize the pain points and where people are working multiple jobs or feeling unhealthy. And the final thing is to recognize when people are stuck. They went down a path, they might not be unhappy, but they could be happier.


These are some easy steps we can take together as we build our map to millionaire!

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