How to Start the Isagenix 90 Day Game Plan

Basics 101


Yes! I’m so excited to help you discover your potential! It’s going to be a terrific path of growth and learning. It’s simply AMAZING what you can accomplish in 90 days! And since we like to have fun — it’s going to fly by! Work hard, play hard. Quality over quantity. Let’s get it done!


So many people ask us, Laura and Scott, where do I get started? Here’s a road map to plug yourself in! First let’s cover the basics!


1 Get Notified! Download these APPS.


Isagenix has really amazing apps! Go to the app store in your phone, and use the keyword search for “isagenix” — I love the IsaTOOLS to share amazing files with a touch on my phone, IsaPULSE to see exciting updates as our team grows, and the Isagenix Events app so I can see what events are coming up, and make plans! Download any other Isagenix apps that look cool to you!



  1. Get Organized! Download these PDF Files.


Isagenix literally hands us an amazing biz model on a silver platter! Download the latest PDF files at The latest 90 day plans and maps are a MUST!


The 90 Day Action Plan

Map to Crystal Executive



  1. Get Schooled! Opt In to the Training Center!


What’s so awesome about Isagenix is the amazing online training! School yourself on products info, stories, and build your belief.


Back Office – Log in and Check out “TRAINING CENTER” on top right for the latest online training, such as the Boot Camp. Also Log in and Opt into the 90-Day Action Plan so you receive updates!

Set Your Website


  1. Get Hooked! BookMark These 3 Websites.


Take a tour around these sites, dive in as far as you want to go!

One stop shop! Take a look at and explore areas that interest you!

Indoctrinate yourself more about the products and science at

Take a look at upcoming events at


There is a LOT of great information out there, so that is why we will take all of these step by step. So just start to dive in and know that your pace and your path is exactly what’s right for you.