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A healthy lifestyle can transform your body and mind more than you would think. But what does it look like to choose a healthy lifestyle? What are the best fitness tips for a healthy lifestyle choice? Erin Sullivan, Pearl Street Fitness member and Strong Confident Living ambassador, shares a piece of her journey about transforming her mind for a healthy body.

Name: Erin Sullivan11960063_10156082745740389_7205817000838081774_n

Current City: Denver, CO

Title: Lifestyle Ambassador

Choosing a Healthy Lifestyle . . .

Since starting the healthy lifestyle switch in October ’14, where she signed up for the Pearl Street Fitness free week, the Isagenix packs, and never looked back, she was initially trying to lose 10-15 pounds. But what ended up happening was more than what she could have anticipated. “It ended with me being in this amazing community that just went above and beyond,” says Sullivan.

“I fell in love with the movement from the first day I stepped into the gym. No labels. We are all here to support each other – lift each other up no matter what part of the journey you’re on. The whole mindset of ‘I can I will’ makes you do things.”

What is the healthy mindset?

In addition to the ‘I can, I will’ attitude, Sullivan’s fitness tips for a healthy mind also stem from SCL’s motto of “85% healthy mindful choices and 15% fun. This approach has shifted her mindset to see more positively, and therefore, see better results. “When I traveled to Europe for 24 days I brought Isagenix with me to save time and money. I would have a bar or shake before starting my morning, but I didn’t let it hinder my travel experience. I made it a point to have gelato every single day in Italy!

I wasn’t working out as much because I wasn’t home, but because Isagenix was still in my body, getting the toxins out, and I was walking everywhere, I returned to the US without gaining anything – probably a pound heavier – but I maintained my weight and healthy lifestyle. I was so proud.

The Aha! moment . . .

Doing away with the days of yo-yo dieting, Sullivan claims that this approach was the real shift into transforming her health and her body for good. She is weaving this mindset into her life every day and it has brought her the most amazing results. “My mind has transformed just as much as my body. I’m more positive. I’m positive to myself.”

After taking Isagenix’s 45-day fitness challenge for Healthy Mind and Body, which included a mindset challenge in addition to the nutritional program, Sullivan is honing in on the START movement as a way to have a free life, not tied down to a 9-5 job, so she can bring 15% fun into more areas of her lifestyle, traveling and being with friends.

Sullivan’s 4 steps to a healthy mind

Challenge your mind

The 45-day fitness challenge for Healthy Body Healthy Mind took between 10-20 minutes each day to focus on different areas on my life. Either it was my mindset, my energy, my career or my relationships.We really dug in into what are the habits that are holding me back into attaining my goals.

Focus your weeks

I watched videos weekly about the specific topic and learned about how to create yourself – figure out your vision, where you want to be – and created new habits that served what I was hoping for. Spending that time for personal development and growth led me to a breakthrough! It got me pumped up to share that.

Identify the blockers

Isagenix offers these [Healthy Mind and Body] challenges for associates, and it really helps you get through to your new identity. You identify blockers to go through into create a new identity that aligns with your vision. They have coaches to help you envision your imagined lifestyle so that you can then breakthrough those obstacles.

Get the BEST support


Erin Sullivan in Zurich during her month-long backpacking trip through Europe.

I want everyone to know how amazing this community is. Even if they don’t live in Denver, you can do virtual mindset challenges with Laura and live virtual workouts with Scott. You can be part of the community. It is really just a positive lifestyle change, and SCL brings you in as an entire community – connecting with people who are like minded.

Connect with Sullivan

Starting next Sunday, Sullivan will be starting a weekly launch party for any new or or old members. She will share her fitness tips on changing your lifestyle to have a healthy mind and body for the life of your creation. “I’m really excited about that. ”

She is also really excited about her next goal to do a fitness race, or another mindset challenge with Isagenix.

“I’m so excited to ignite this passion for healthy mindset in my friends and my community and get other people to see how many other amazing opportunities Isagenix has to offer.

Start choosing a healthy lifestyle, a positive mindset, to see a healthy mind and body. You can, you will.

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