Step by Step: How to do an Isagenix Shake Day.

drinkshakeSo here you are ready to launch you Isagenix Shake day.  I hope you are excited!  These shake days are the building blocks of the nutrition system that is going to change how you look and feel.  They have a purpose.  It is to start your metabolism going first thing in the morning and keep it revved up throughout the day.  Each piece of the Shake day fits together like a puzzle.  At the end, as long as you have put all the pieces together, the system is going to work.  Just try to remember that it is about trying your best so you can feel your best.  This is all about YOU!

If you’re like me, you like to keep things as simple as possible.  So even though it may seem like a bunch of steps on your first few days, by the end of the week you will be a pro and this is all going to become second nature.

I highly recommend you have your shake day check list.  It comes with your weight loss paks.  Can’t find it?  No problem.  It is on page 4 of the 30 day guide.  You can download that here!

STEP 1:  Think about how your day is going to go.  You want to plan out when it will be best to do your shakes or meal bars versus your full meal.  I alternate between a shake for breakfast, shake for lunch, and healthy dinner… and shake for breakfast, healthy lunchtime meal, shake or meal bar at dinner time.  You know your schedule and you can try out what works best for you.  Let’s plan like today is a Shake – Meal – Shake day.  That means you are going to wake up, take your vitamins and a big glass of water.  Have a nice cup of your Isagenix Ionix Supreme and then about 20 minutes later begin to prepare your shake.  Start with 8 oz of water, add as much ice as you like (I like it icy and cold!) and then two scoops of your Islean or Isalean Pro.  Blend it up and you are ready to go!  DON’T SKIP BREAKFAST!!  Remember, this is all about getting your metabolism up and running.   So make a shake and then drink! drink! drink! your water throughout the morning.

STEP 2: Snack time 🙂  Snacking is fun but it can also be where people have some bad habits to break.  Remember that your snacks are supposed to be small and healthy.  Just enough to make you NOT feel hungry.  Take the edge off if you need it.  We recommend a hard boiled egg or 6 raw almonds for anyone in total weight loss mode.  Those snacks are small and keep you burning fat!!  Yay! Just try to keep snacks to 100 calories or less.

STEP 3: It’s meal time!  Meals should be healthy and delicious.  Make them special and try to have them include all kinds of healthy flavors you enjoy.  The key is to keep them between 400-600 calories so portions are key!  You might want to even break your meal in half and eat it in two parts throughout the afternoon.  Like a big salad at noon and a cup of soup at 2pm.

STEP 4:  Snack time!  (If you need it).  Isagenix has great balanced snack bars.  Don’t mistake a meal bar for a snack bar.  The meal bars are much more filling and are meant to replace a shake.

STEP5:  Now it’s time to have your second shake or meal bar.  This is a great time to just sit back, relax, enjoy you second shake and remember what a good job you did today.

The more you have the shakes the better you will get at making them to your taste.  Don’t start by altering the flavors.  Start a few days drinking them without adding anything.  Your tastes will start to adapt as your body gets used to less sugars and preservatives.  You will also start to find that you crave the way the shakes make you feel as much as how they taste.  They give you a great steady level of satisfaction.

Just remember you can do it!  Keep up the good work.  This is a system not a diet.

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