Strong Confident Woman Spotlight – Maria Apostle

image1Name: Maria Apostle

Current City: Washington Township, NJ

Title: Data Analyst

Meet Maria . . .

Maria Apostle likes to describe her journey before Strong Confident Living as a time where she was “going through a lot”. With divorce, her father passing away, and other significant stressors from life, she was in an overweight state that had her anxious and unhappy.

“I was not exercising and eating horribly. I had anxiety; I was on medication. I wouldn’t leave my house…I was depressed and I needed to make a change – but I didn’t know any other way to make myself feel better.”

Meeting Laura & the SCL Community . . .

One night in January, Apostle found herself in the ENA gymnastics company gym, where her niece practices, and she met Laura St. John who shared what it was like to turn your life UP!

“It was an instant connection. Laura and I just connected… And she believed in me.”

What Maria wants YOU to know . . .

What made you take the leap to try Isagenix and the Strong Confident Living community?

“I had never done a shake before. It took me over a month to open the box,” Apostle confided. “I guess I was fearful of change. So, my sister came over. We opened the box, we went through everything. I started thinking, if I overcame all those challenges [in her life] then I can definitely overcome food.”


What changes have you seen as a result?

Since starting Isagenix on January 15th, without exercise, I went from a size 18 to 14! 6 months in the process, I bought a fitbit. One of my first fitness goals was at 5 o’clock I just had to get dressed in workout clothes and walk outside. Now, 33 days into my fitness goal, I’m walking 2-4 miles everyday.

How has Strong Confident Living influenced change?

From my first shake to where I am now it’s been a long way. My thinking has changed to be more positive. Instead of saying I can’t do that, I say I can do that. It’s not a diet – I feel like it’s more of a lifestyle now. I choose healthier food, whether it’s Isagenix or not. I think before I eat, and then I take that and I think of that in other situations. If I can do that, then I can do that in any aspect of my life.

How do you feel?

My life has gone uphill! I started with just walking, but now I’m biking. I hadn’t ridden a bike in 20 years! I got a bike rack for the back of my truck and I ride with my sister, neice and nephew. We rode a 5k bike ride for autism all together. I’m feeling so much better about myself, emotionally too. I just feel like such a different person.

Who supported you along the way?

My sister, Andrea, who has been a gymnast since she was eight, is my biggest rock. She just wanted me to be healthy, and she believed in me. Craig Zappa, the owner of the ENA gym, has been unbelieveable. And Laura too believed in me. They were like you can do this. They believed that I could change the way that I felt. That I didn’t have to be depressed. And my family has been a huge support for me.


Any words of wisdom for the Strong Confident Living community?     

I still have my downfalls. I had pizza last night! But I don’t stuff my feelings, I talk about them. I exercise to deal with my anxiety. And now I want to be healthier and I want to be happy and I laugh a lot. Now I’m motivating myself. I believe in myself. I’m doing this for me. I’m not doing it for anyone else. I’m the happiest I’ve ever been – and I can say that I’m 44 and single. You dont have to be 20 to be in a bikini. You can change your life at any age!

What do you hope for the future?

My next goal is strength training and riding my bike more – maybe do a 10k bike ride. But it’s not a race. I want to get to a healthy weight, and to inspire other people to make a choice that you’re not going to live that way anymore.

Words to live by?

If I can, you can.

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