What You Need to Know for the Perfect Isagenix Launch Party



Nothing is more exciting to me than sharing something I love! Over the years I’ve hosted a bunch of different social gatherings and straight-up “Launch Parties” to share Isagenix. My very first launch party had 75 people! OMG! Other times I’ve had zero show up! The most important ingredient to successful launch parties is JUST. KEEP. GOING!


It’s so fulfilling when others who are looking for solutions find that what I have to offer is the answer to accelerate how they can reach their desired goals.


Along the way, I’ve learned some key tips that I want to share with you when planning, preparing for and promoting your event!



Take out your calendar, and choose a date and time 2-3 weeks out from today. This will help you prepare who you will invite, and the marketing and promotions to make it a success. If you JUST ORDERED Isagenix, then 2-3 weeks out is perfect because you will be able to speak with experience about your own personal story of how game-changing your first few weeks have been!!! Don’t hesitate! Expect you will feel amazing, everyone will be asking “What are you doing and where do I get that?” and you can get them on the phone AND let them know about your upcoming Launch Party!!! No brainer!



Who is your target audience? Is it a gym? Is it at your home? Is it at a nail salon? Think about who you will be targeting and what time of day that target market most available. Remember, you just never know until you have done it A BUNCH OF TIMES what may work best for that market. You have to keep going and refining it. Sometimes one person or nobody will show up, another time 10 people will show up! This is really a test to see how strong you are to keep going. If only one person shows up, never “apologize” for low attendance! Flip it to – wow you’re so lucky we get to have a more personalized experience so I can even get to know YOU better!



The Launch Party Toolkit is AMAZING. Isagenix hands us tools on a silver platter! It’s up to us as to what we do with them and how we want to use them. Make it “YOUR OWN” – meaning, follow the templates so you feel confidence, but know that what will make your event most successful is YOU being YOU sharing why you love it. That should always be your main objective. That way, if technology doesn’t work or you forget something, you can still run with it knowing that all that REALLY matters is that you share from your heart and connect with others about their goals. I always set the intention that I want to attract people who are looking for what I have to offer. I can’t wait to help those people, and whoever shows up is meant to be there. Whoever doesn’t show up (even if I really really WISH they would), is just not meant to be there!



I love to prepare “empties” — empty canisters and boxes on display. Just enough but not so much that it seems overbearing to you. I love to cut up a variety of Isalean bars – chocolate ones, lemon, oatmeal. Sometimes I hand out IsaDelight chocolates. I found (for me) that less is more. If people really want to “Sample” they will get 30 days to “sample it” with the 30-day refund policy!!! Put a nice tablecloth out. Get flowers. Put the enrollment forms out. Any brochures you purchased (from IsaSalesTools.com). I love to also put my favorite brochures in nice frames. I think attention to detail and quality shows you care.



Remember, people are not coming to read ingredients. People move forward and purchase for emotional reasons, because you make authentic connections, and then the ingredients, scientific research and other data is just great knowledge to satisfy their logical mind AFTER they’ve already made the choice. If you flip that the other way around (use knowledge to sell rather than your emotions) then you will find yourself defending the products and sharing “what you know” which is less moving to a person than how you feel. You are not here to be the ‘expert’ – leave that to the incredible team of Isagenix nutritionists and scientists. I believe so strongly in the Isagenix tag line of “Solutions to Transform Lives” so I bring people right into the emotional belief of how these products will be GAME CHANGING and LIFE CHANGING and believe that Isagenix backs that up with the best quality and ingredients to make that happen. They are even so secure in that this will transform your life that they are willing to give you your money back within 30 days if it doesn’t! (which it will!) Remember! People will not argue with how you feel because that is your feeling, and nobody can “take” that from you or say “you’re wrong” but leading with knowledge opens yourself up to your belief versus their belief. Move from your feelings! It’s my top tip in whatever you’re sharing – Isagenix, or anything in life!



Isagenix lays out a BEAUTIFUL template for us on how to create our 30 second story with feelings. It’s amazing! The template will walk you through the importance of being compliant, meaning not making any kind of product claims, and also how to define what Isagenix has done for you! If you have other people who are coming to your Launch Party that are already doing Isagenix, too, then be sure to prep THEM with the template too, so you can call upon them with confidence to share their story. The 30 second story should simply include FEELINGS on how you used to feel (negative), WHY you were interested to try it, WHO introduced you to it, and how you FEEL NOW (positive) and WHY YOU WANT TO SHARE THAT FEELING WITH OTHERS! (Bam!!) I love to share my story in the beginning because it shows I can open up and be vulnerable, so when I ask questions I naturally know they will feel more comfortable opening up and being vulnerable too.



I follow the template! It has an amazing checklist including “make sure the room is well lit!” I suggest you set up chairs in a circle or horse-shoe shape so it’s open to collaboration and discussion. Stand in the front. Be boss! Open with a thanks and gratitude for their time. Ask questions! “Who is here because they want to lose weight? Who is here because you want to build lean muscle?” BE FUNNY! “Who is here because you eat food? Because you breathe air? I believe everyone who eats and breathes will want to take a look at what you will see today!” And applaud people who were dragged there by others, “Who is here because someone dragged you here with them?” Give those people a round of applause for being a support person! That’s huge! I found my most reluctant-to-be-there types are often later our biggest advocates once they realize that what Isagenix offers truly aligns to them as well.



After people have cracked the ice a little with questions, and you know why your target audience is there, you can move into the agenda. “I’m going to share my story with you and why I was so compelled to host this event…. Then I will show you a short video about Isagenix. Then I will go over some of my favorite products and starter paks, show you how simple it is to share this with others, hand out the forms so you can check it all out, THEN answer your questions!” I make sure that I am in control (BE BOSS) so one person doesn’t try to sway the flow. If you tell people what to expect in terms of agenda, and that it will be “their turn” at the end, it will satisfy them to know that you care and you will get to them after your presentation.



OMG people! I’ve read a number of sales books and so many people forget to truly ask for the sale, or ask for the form. It’s an astonishing number, like 70%? Do NOT FEEL BAD about asking for money, EXPECT THE DEAL IS DONE. If your intention is to help them, EXPECT they already said YES and wish they already had their box YESTERDAY! Speak to everyone with the expectation they already said yes! “Your box WILL COME in 3-5 biz days.” and “WHEN YOU GET IT YOU WILL BE SO EXCITED!!!!” As you hand out the enrollment forms, speak to their future self, loving it over the next few weeks. “I can’t wait to get your messages in 3 weeks from now, when you are shrink-wrapping and feeling incredible! This is why I host these events!!!” When you speak from this excitement, they are excited to move into action, and in your heart you know you’re doing the right thing for them, too! So stop whatever is holding you back on getting the enrollments and picture them coming in! Picture yourself hugging that person in 3 weeks from now because you helped change their life. I believe success and money follows these amazing intentions to help others.


Excited? Nervous? Those are similar feelings. Get over your fears and turn it into the power of helping others! Now take out your calendar and pick out a DATE — right now!

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