Tony Robbins Takeaways from These 3 Isagenix Rockstars

Wow! We went to Tony Robbins “Unleash the Power Within” Event in Los Angeles and we came back different people. I hopped on a video call with my two friends and business partners so we could each share with you our top 3 takeaways from the event, and how it is applying to our growing business and our life.


We listed each of our takeaways below, feel free to breeze through those. But for the most powerful impact, watch our video!



Cat Golden:


1. Step Up

We all have those things we know we need to do but maybe are procrastinating with or are a little bit afraid of. After physically stepping up and walking across coals you realize there is NO more fear and NO excuse not to physically step up.

I’ve thought about this with my business and truly in all areas of my life. I realized that the smoothie bar in my gym isn’t owned by corporate but is independently owned, why don’t I see the AMPED line on those shelves? Because I haven’t asked. Now is the time to step up and ask. I recently spent an entire day “stepping up” and driving around to all of the gyms in my area and asking who the owners were, who did the ordering and how I can get them samples.

The Universe moves when we step up. I had a shake for breakfast and then a bar and had stopped at Fresh Thyme (very similar to Whole Foods) to get sushi and the man at the seafood counter noticed my biceps and asked where I worked out. It just happened to be that his daughter owned a gym and he gave me her card. I was networking even while looking for spicy tuna! STEP UP!


2. Change Your Physical State

I don’t care what you believe, people pick up on energy. I’m doing my Isagenix business full time and I don’t have time for bull shit. I have to be able to change a bad call, bad vibes or honestly bad emotions very quickly. Unleash the Power Within taught me I can change my physical state and therefore my outcomes in an instant. In this business I have to be able to change my energy very quickly and I now know I can shake my ass, have a dance party, give myself a pep talk and change my entire day in ten seconds.  


3. Knowing My Worth

During this event I was forced to come face to face with limiting beliefs I’ve had about myself that are simply untrue. I was forced to think about how my life would be past, present, and future if I held tight to these beliefs. Once I truly felt the impact of said beliefs, mostly related to not being worthy of great things or thinking I had missed my chance I realized just how crazy they truly were. I left that shit in the past and I KNOW beyond a shadow of a doubt that amazing things are coming to me and I am worthy of all the success I will experience in this business. I have truly become the person worthy of the great success I will experience. The future is bright.


L’Erin Stortz:


1. 6 Human Needs

Why do humans do the things they do? No matter who you are or what you do, there is a common force that is driving and shaping all of your emotions and actions. It determines the quality of your life and ultimately your destiny. We are all driven day after day to fulfill those primal needs that have been encoded into our system over centuries. These are the 6 human needs that fundamentally drive each one of us and give life meaning.

    1. Stability about basic necessities; food, shelter, and other material resources. When people cannot control their physical circumstance, they will seek certainty through a state of mind
    1. People have the need to change their state, therefore they seek variety in their stimuli, scenery, physical activity, mood, entertainment, food. Etc..
    1. Everyone needs to feel special and important. People seek significance from obtaining recognition from others or themselves. When they feel insignificant, they feel angry or lost.
    1. Human need to feel connected with someone or something.
    1. Everything in the universe is either growing or dying. People are not spiritually satisfied unless their capacities are expanding.
    1. Cannot be spiritually fulfilled unless they are contributing to others well.



If there was a wheel of your life, how fast and how far would you be able to go if all areas were not mastered and filled to the top? Would your ride be smooth or through you off course and slow your down. Create a circle, and then from the outside in, create 7 triangles, with the points of each triangle connecting to the center. On the outside, label each one; 1) Physical Body, 2) Emotions & Meaning, 3) Relationships, 4) Time, 5) Career/Mission, 6) Finances, 7) Celebrate/Contribute.  Then from there, I want you to rate yourself 1-10 on each of those, 1 being lowest and 10 being you have mastered that area in your life. Then, fill in the triangle based on which number you rated it, 1 being the center and 10 being the outside line.


Take a step back once finished. Look at your wheel. Look how disproportional it is. Which area do you need to work on. If you filled that up and mastered it, would it fill in all the other gaps in your life?  For example, I need to work on my financial goal. I am not where i want to be yet. For me, if I filled this cup, it would then fill my relationships and time because I would have more time to be with the ones i love, I would have more time and money to workout and strengthen my body, I would have higher emotions and be happier and less stress, and if my financial picture was higher, it would mean I am living my mission in my career as well.


3. THE DICKENS PROCESS; Limiting Beliefs vs Empowering Beliefs

Limiting // What are your 3 Limiting Beliefs? What are those deep beliefs you have battled with for years, probably ever since you were a kid? That little voice inside of you holding you back. By not changing or healing this, what has it held you back from in the past? What have you missed out on? Who have you hurt or let go because of it? How have you let yourself down? If you dont change it now, how is it costing you? What would your life be like a year from now, 5 years, 20 years. Who would you have hurt? Who would have given up on you or who would you give up on? How much has it held you back all this time. Then explain how we had to turn it into baby talk and it made it feel so stupid and I never want to go back to that


Then say them to yourself in a little kids stupid voice over and over until you start to laugh and realize they are so stupid!!


-Empowering Beliefs! Turn Limiting beliefs into empowering ones and get into peak state and say THE TRUTH IS and repeat the empowering ones! Over and Over until you no longer think anything less!!


Laura St. John:


3 Mandates of Creating Success
I loved learning about these 3 perspectives. If you can shift like a gear from one to another, your entire life can change! Here are the three and why they’re important.

Mandate 1: See it as it is, not WORSE than it is

Mandate 2: See it BETTER than it is. (Leaders do this well, visions)

Mandate 3: Make it the way you see it.


This is so key! So many times we look at a situation and we make it out worse than it really is….

I love how leaders can move into Mandate 2, to see things better than it is. Then you migrate into managing two selves – your current self and your future self. You manage two businesses – your current business and your future business. You do this in a way that sees it BETTER than it is today, moving towards where you want to go.

See it better than it is and make it that way. Manage the now and don’t make it worse, it’s up to us to create our reality and make it better!

Raise your standards! Success leaves clues. It’s not “luck” — sew the seeds to get the rewards. Move into Mandates 2 and 3 and watch what unfolds.


The Power of Contribution and Connection

When we turned around after the firewalk, it was really special to look at everyone ELSE going through it. I realized the power of contribution. It wasn’t just about our personal experience. We stopped to look at people’s faces as they walked across the fire. We celebrated and high-fived them when they made it across. I also loved that we were in a stadium of nearly 10,000 people and if I could TODAY stuff all our Strong Confident Living community in the stadium, we couldn’t fit. I kept looking around the audience and feeling that it’s about everyone else and we are all in this together. It’s my time to give back who I am and what I strengths I have to offer them. I realized the power of connection to everyone!


Don’t Overestimate What You Can Do in 1 Year; And Underestimate What You Can Do in 10 Years

Wow! This one hit me hard! I see it so often in the fitness industry! So many people beat themselves up each January 1st and create goals that are big. That’s awesome. But then most people fall off within weeks. There’s so many reasons behind this, but ultimately step back and look at your 10 year plan. People often fail to plan this far in advance. I love to help people write their plans for both personal and business for years from now, help them imagine what their life would be like, then move forward with small steps year by year. I love to show people how changing just a little, like 1 degree of direction, steers you to a whole new place 10 years from now. This bite-sized way of thinking really has helped me excel and reach my 10 year goals, and I can’t wait to use this line to help others crush their goals, too!!


I am so excited we get to see Tony Robbins again at the Isagenix annual “Celebration” Conference in Las Vegas! It’s going to be epic! Hope to see you there! 🙂