Trainer Shares Her Secret to a Better Body

Jillian is a kickass personal trainer who looks amazing. Strong Confident Living recently caught up with her to reveal her secret to a better body. Amazingly, it starts with a question we can all ask ourselves.

“What does my body need right now?” is the question Jillian Keaveny keeps asking herself.

Of course, Keaveny’s a strong confident woman with a healthy fit body, but what’s happening at a deeper level – physically and emotionally? What are her body’s needs? She stops to ask the same question.


Jillian Keaveny, creating a dynamic, challenging, and fun workout experience for the Denver community, since 2013.

NameJillian “DJilly” Keaveny

Title: Personal Trainer, Fitness Instructor, and DJ

Current City: Denver, CO

Motto: “Be here now…Love what is.” (Inspired by Kate Byron)

The Departure…

Jillian realizes that the past two years have been focused on living outwards in pursuit. She has built up her career in teaching, which has gotten her to a good place with work, but has come at the cost of self care. “I’m fueled and driven by connection but I’ve lost connection to self, because I rely on teaching to do that for me,” she says, admitting that teaching a class temporarily satisfies her craving for connection.

 “[Teaching] fills my cup, but its a like a hit of drugs – and I have to fill myself up first or I’m not giving my most authentic self or even receiving everything everyone else is giving me.” 

So how do we fill ourselves first? 

The Return…

We must return to ourselves by asking what our bodies need. When we do that, we come back to self and self care.  When Jillian doesn’t come to those intentions she moves through the world without real connection.

“I’m trying to be less in my head and more in my body,” she says. “I’m slowing down, looking at the ways that I’ve let my business and saying ‘yes’ dominate my existence. When I come to that intention I move through the world at a much slower pace. 

“If I go at the pace of my mind, I’m a #@&!%^! hamster wheel, and I lose connection to my emotional and physical self — and a real connection with other people, which is what I crave.”

What do you do when your needs aren’t being met? 

“I love to dance,” Jillian says. Sometimes the answer is that simple. “Dancing and listening to music. I love being in nature, cooking great food, or getting a massage.” Doing things that bring her joy are some of the ways she fills herself.


“Music is soul enriching. It affects me at a deeper level.” – DJilly

“I think I’m scheduling some unscheduled down-time, creating pauses for myself, and letting them be filled with what’s needed – whether its time with myself or time to stop and talk with people. It’s helpful in taking care of me.”

Your Body Needs YOU

Your body needs you to pay attention to what it needs. When you pause in the middle of your stress, and ask ‘what does my body need right now,’ it’s a way of ceasing the life we lead in our heads, and a beginning into recognizing our entire body as a whole. 

“There is a lot of mental and emotional bullshit going on,” Jillian says about when you come into a workout class, and “you take that hour to go through that.” It’s possible to find yourself doing things that you didn’t think were possible once you start shifting your intentions to serve your body. 

“When I’m really in tune with what’s going on in my body I make the best choices because I experience it at a deeper level. When I’m connected to my body I feel the affects of the my nutrition more too.”

Jillian’s Advice:


“How you show up in a tough class is how you show up in life – the conversation you have in class is the same one you have out there.”

Schedule one night a week that is nothing but time for yourself, doing what ever fills you – and do what you need to be filled completely without any other humans. Really recognize what fills your cup besides human connection.

“I encourage you to turn it inward. Ask yourself how you’re feeling in this moment – and be okay with whatever it is,” Jillian says.  

That way you can crush your goals when you show up to class, or show up to work. Maybe it’s massage, baking, dancing and listening to music.  Or maybe it’s jumping jacks, a couple dozen burpees, and a free workout with Pearl Street.

So what does your body need?

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