TRENDING! Health and Fitness Trends for 2017

Top 6 Fitness & Health Trends in 2017

Which of these top 6 fitness and health trends do you see yourself a part of, or better yet — leading the way? A trend-setter has a pulse on what’s up and coming, isn’t afraid to get out there, try something new, and be a part of the wave of momentum.


Here’s what we see trending in 2017!


  1. Online Fitness.

    As more real life experiences go virtual, why not fitness? We want to get our favorite sweat session on, anytime and anywhere. More and more, people are tuning in online rather than cruising to their local gym. Engaging and fun digital communities like Strong. Confident. Living are becoming your favorite new accountability partners. People feel like they “know” each other just as much online as they do in “real” life. Whoever said that technology isolated us? In 2017, you may be working out with the support of thousands of new friends, worldwide.

  2. Boutique Fitness Studios.

    As the old big box gyms become more and more like dinosaurs, small high-end studios are sprouting up in the hundreds and thousands. This trend is happening fast, and it’s happening worldwide. Just like Pearl Street Fitness became known as “the” intense full body workout for fitness lovers in Denver, there are studios that specialize in their area of expertise in pilates, spin, yoga, climbing, and you name it. Continue to watch your favorite fitness instructors become your local gym entrepreneurs in 2017.

  3. Gym Hopping.

    With the rise of thousands of boutique fitness studios, fitness-loving city folk started the awesome craze of gym hopping. Rather than a one-stop shop like old box gyms, it’s trendy to workout at a number of local gyms in your area. Strategic marketing gurus like ClassPass have captured this market like a champ, offering passes to multiple participating gyms under unique membership options.

  4. Faster Workouts.

    Burn baby, burn! You want to get your sweat on, but we know, we know — you’re busy. Our 24 hours is precious, and the idea of a 30 minute workout to burn the same (or even more) calories than a longer workout is trending fast. And better yet, science is backing it up. Maximizing your high intensity workouts over shorter periods of time boosts metabolism and burns fat. Look for trends like the worldwideworkout to offer simple but effective fat burning workouts you can do from anywhere in 2017.

  5. Plant-Based Protein.

    Getting fit means watching what you fuel your body with! As our world becomes more conscious about our protein choices, we are seeing the trend shift more from animal-based proteins to plant based protein, such as pea and hemp protein. The choices are getting tastier, too! What used to be chalky and gross are now delicious and nutritious. Drinking more plants such as Isalean Vegan Dairy Free Vanilla Chai (my personal fav) will continue to go mainstream in 2017.

  6. Mindset Matters.

    Getting more fit in 2017 will be working out your mental strength just as much as your physical strength. The more people try to layer on new habits, the more they are realizing they need to shed the old. Working on choices, daily habits, and owning your actions will be what’s on the forefront of your mind in 2017. Daily planners, online communities like the geniuses at Growth-U, and new online programs dedicated to your success will be a fast-growing trend. Be on the lookout for the new you in 2017!


Which trends do you see yourself being a part of — or leading with — in 2017? What other trends do you see? Share with us at Strong. Confident. Living.

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