Want to try an Iron Man? Busy Mom Shares How to Reach the Podium

Think you might want to try an Ironman but aren’t sure you have the time or energy? We’ve caught up with a busy mom of two who shares her path to the podium!

Four and a half years ago, Sarah Warfield finished a half Ironman Triathlon (1.2 mi swim, 56 mi bike, and 13.1 mile run) in Wisconsin June 2011, just after having her first daughter. Since then, she made it her goal to pursue endurance sports and triathlons, “as long as I can still be the mom and wife that I want to be,” she says.

We wanted to know exactly how she manages a full-time job, two young daughters and a husband, and training her ass off to get on that podium, smiling, ready to do it all again.


Sarah winning 3rd place in her age group for the Ironman Maryland, Summer 2015, and 16th Overall Female.

Name: Sarah Warfield
Current City: Denver, CO
Motto: I am strong. I can, I will, and I did.

There’s no time to wait

I made it my first post-baby goal to compete in the Ironman Triathlon . . . and to see what happens.

She got the bug, so to speak. In the summer of 2012, eight weeks after having her second daughter, Sarah completed a Triple Bypass 120-mile bike ride over three mountain passes starting in evergreen, followed by another half Ironman in Boulder. She was training regularly with her dear coach, Kathy Alfino from Mile High Multi Sport, on a customized training plan and doing organized mountain bike rides.


“There’s too much to do in life to be tired.” – Sarah Warfield

Going from Half to Full Iron Man Triathlon

Sarah’s second half-triathlon in Boulder went “fine,” she says. “Nothing fantastic, nothing horrible.”

Then Pearl Street Fitness came along and “that enhanced my performance immensely, with just that I had more success getting a couple chances to get on the podium in local triathlons.” PSF’s off season training is what she needed to push through to the next level, especially the nutrition plan.

“The nutrition in endurance sports is such a tricky piece of the puzzle to figure out – you can spend so much time worrying if the nutrition is going to work, and it completely removed that element of worry.”

“I was dabbling with the Isagenix products, I wasn’t really training with them, but then they were like you have to use this with more volatility and see what happens.” So she started training with Isagenix. “It worked fantastic for me for performance and recovery. It’s just so damn simple I have to have it.” Sarah says, “And it helps me to still be a mom. I’m still married and my kids still know my name,” she laughs.

“Isagenix has removed that piece of me being too tired. I don’t need to nap anymore. I don’t want to nap!”

With all of these things in place, nutrition, training, and support, Sarah was able to just focus on the race. In September 2014, she went for the full Ironman triathlon in Wisconsin and finished 8th in her age group. She says that afterwards she still felt like a human being. “Two years ago, I would feel sick and dizzy, kind of torn up for a week after a race. Now my recovery time is 10-14 days, it’s cut in half, and I’m back in the gym working hard.” Sarah continued to train, signing up for a second full Ironman in 2015, which she finished in Maryland in 3rd place for her age group!


Sarah with her family; Her husband Grant, and two daughters Anna (3.5 years), and Olivia (5 years).

How was the full Ironman in Maryland (2015) compared to your first one in Wisconsin (2014)?

They are extremely different courses. Wisconsin is known for its hills and Maryland is flat as a pancake. I had been working with my coach for the past two years so I had complete faith in my training plan. The big difference around Maryland was not worrying about the nutrition which is HUGE because going into Wisconsin I was more concerned about that piece. Having the nutrition in place opens up your mind and heart to compete.

What do you do to stay motivated?

I say, I am strong. I repeat that over and over again. I am strong. Keep going. And I keep it fun. If it’s not fun, then I move on to something else – that’s hugely important to me. And I surround myself with fun people. I train with some of the women who are the most accomplished in the races. It’s been a great couple years with that. My victories are nothing compared to theirs, but I celebrate that I get to hang and train with them.

What’s Next for You?

Nothing too crazy. I’ll be endurance trail running in April in Moab, Utah. In May, I’ll do a 70 mile cycling race (road bike) and then I’m signed up for a half Ironman in Boulder on June 11th, followed by another half iron man in Cordelaine, Idaho on June 25th. In years past [two races back-to-back] would have scared me, but now I’m not scared at all. We will see what the next year brings.

Start Chasing Your Goals

Sarah Warfield’s flawless example of leading a strong and confident lifestyle is inspiring to us all. Her determination to achieve personal success and share it with the fun people in her life is exactly what we are trying to do. Congratulations, Sarah, and thank you for motivating us!

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