Should I Workout on a Cleanse Day?

Wondering if you should workout on a Cleanse Day?

Here are 3 Simple Steps to Customize Your Exercise and Detox Goals

You want to burn fat and boost lean mean muscle? Then it’s a natural feeling that you want to incorporate working out into that routine. But how much is too much when it comes to working out and exercise on an Isagenix cleanse and detox day? Run through these 3 quick steps with me to find the best solution for you! Everyone’s different! Check out these ways to simplify your own path to success.


Step 1: Start with the End in Mind.

What’s your goal in cleansing? Is it to shed fat to look good in your bikini? Is it to crush a personal record in a half marathon? Is it a weekly cleanse day to feel better and get on a healthy lifestyle track? There’s no “right” or “wrong” answer when it comes to what is internally motivating you, so first ask yourself what your goal is of this cleanse day. When you start with your end results in mind, that will help you find the strategy of what to do next with incorporating your workout goals. Now write your goal down on a piece of paper and make it real — or better yet, share it with our online Facebook community and we’ll all pour in with tips to support you!

Step 2: Design Your Cleanse Day Workout Plan

12248385_773782607084_1545902026_oWhat’s next? Depending on your goal will point you to how hard you should workout. What I LOVE about adding a physical part to your cleanse day is that moving your body confidently affects your biochemistry — which means it will put you in a more positive state of mind! This will make your cleanse days even easier to conquer. But here’s the best tips I’ve found to satisfy that inner athlete in you while KEEPING IT LIGHT to MODERATE!


If you want to shed fat fast and look good in your bikini, just keep it really light. Do one of our FREE online 20-minute workouts. Boom! Then be so proud you did something light. You are crushing your cleanse day! If your goal is to crush a personal record on a half marathon, then you may be following a very specific workout plan and my suggestion to you is just keep it more moderate than your usual workout days. If you are looking to just get on a healthy lifestyle track, then do something light, like yoga or going for a walk. Overall, be so PROUD of integrating light or moderate movement into your day!

Step 3: Nurture Your Body’s Natural Detox Process

11252243_681375385330492_6398574233891733626_nBut be careful not to make your workout “too much” or else you put your body under unwanted stress that can totally diminish why you are doing a cleanse in the first place! No matter what your goal is, ultimately the whole point of cleansing to help support your body’s natural detoxification process which will help you drop fat. So I want you to think about one important ingredient on a cleanse day, and that’s the word, NURTURE. You are doing your body GOOD! The day of your cleanse I want you to think of why you are grateful for your body for holding you up, walking you around all day, and doing all the amazing things like blinking and breathing that you don’t ever even think about! Your body is an AMAZING feat in and of itself. Feed it the love it needs on a cleanse day, including a light to moderate workout, and spend the day knowing you’re returning the favor….


Share your favorite light or moderate workouts that you love to do on a cleanse day!


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