The Best Pre & Post Workout Supplements

Did you know what you take before, during, and after your workout is just as — if not more — important than the workout itself? We feel obligated to let people know this because your fitness routine is part of the equation, but the other part is your nutrition. As gym owners, we have helped so many people maximize performance, build lean muscle, and recover much faster with these simple tips!

Just like a good workout for your body, it’s important your pre- and post-workout regimen is well thought out, balanced, and customized to your needs and goals.


Get your body ready!

Complex carbs burn slowly so they are a great fuel for sustained energy. Good food choices for complex carbs include: rolled oats, granola, whole grain toast. But don’t stop there! Add protein and a healthy fat to this routine for the perfect combo that will give you more energy and keep you from feeling hungry. Having a pre-workout protein boost prior to strength training helps prevent breakdown of the muscles, and provides an additional source of energy.


oatmealandblueberriesAs an example, oatmeal (complex carb) with blueberries (fast burning energy) and walnuts (protein/fat) with sprinkled cinnamon (help keep blood sugar stable) is just one great combo!


For me, this is where the Isagenix shake or meal bar makes my life a lot easier. It’s got the perfect nutritional profile of protein/carbs/healthy fats that kickstart my workouts and keep my energy level up the entire time. It also gives me a “satisfied” versus “full” feeling that is easy for me to digest before a workout.


When to eat it? 60-90 minutes before your workout. I have to make a mention here that everyone is different. Some people don’t need to eat much before the workout, but it is important to give yourself just enough fuel and amino acids so your body doesn’t ‘eat away’ at its muscle during your workout! That will just reverse the reason you’re working so hard to begin with!

Pre-Workout Supplements

Turn things up a notch or 10! We were “closet users” of Isagenix for years, until we saw way too many people coming into our gyms using HARMFUL products. It hurts when we see people come in on products that have artificial fillers, preservatives, and toxic ingredients that make them jittery. My last straw one day was when a girl turned red, nearly passed out and told me she had just bought some kind of pre-workout fuel at her local supplement store. Since it is our obligation to get the planet healthier, we “came out of the closet” to learn more about the differences of what’s out there, and after doing years of homework, Isagenix is BY FAR superior than anything else we’ve ever seen. We love and believe in it so much, we’re now ambassadors for “Team Isagenix,” the elite program for natural athletes who want the best stuff for their bodies and clients. Here are some of our favorite PRE-WORKOUT fuels:

AMP IT UP! Give your strength training a boost!

AMPED “Power” is an incredible pre-workout fuel. It safely will prepare your body for better strength and before you exercise. All I have to say is, the proof is in the pudding with this product! Everyone I know that has tried it, swears they have taken their workouts to a whole new level of performance!


AMPED NOx! Boost energy and stamina!

AMPED “NOx” is a pre-workout drink in a tiny shot bottle. It supports nitric oxide production through fruit and vegetable extracts. This will help blood flow and deliver oxygen to your cells so your muscles function better and your energy and stamina goes through the roof! Wow. All I can say. You can take NOx up to a few hours before the workout!


Other Isagenix pre-workout suggestions:

-1-2 ounces of Ionix Supreme about 20-30 minutes before (Adaptogenic minerals give you a boost!)

-Natural Accelerator pill (Made with cayenne pepper, apple cider vinegar….take it with what you’re eating)

-e+ natural Energy Shot (Made with yerba mate infused tea. A natural version of an energy boost)


2015-08-20 16.32.16During your workout, maximize your performance and stay hydrated! Drink plenty of water, and add electrolytes and fuels to sustain energy. See below.


AMPED Hydrate: If you do Isagenix, the “Hydrate” drink is a natural replenishing electrolyte drink, with no artificial colors, flavors, or additives. Even our kids love this, and it has replaced all the icky neon colored sports drinks that used to be in our household. It’s also a great way to drink more water since it comes in awesome flavors such as orange, citrus and grape.


Mid-Workout AMPED “Fuel” – Extend and Sustain Endurance!

AMPED “Fuel” is a perfectly packed little gel that will sustain your muscles so they don’t “eat away” at themselves during your workout. It’s an apple puree and agave based on-the-go gel pack that gives you fast-acting carbs to refuel and amino acids that protect your muscles from breaking down.


11667253_10155812845995083_6489602554214028286_nWho knew? The 20-30 minutes after your workout is JUST as important as your workout itself! Just think — you just broke down and ripped your muscles: Don’t miss out on this valuable time for your body to recover!! Enhance lean muscle growth, slow down muscle breakdown, help with recovery, soreness, and repair faster — while helping increase metabolism and fat burning.


This is where I choose the IsaLean PRO shake with 36g of undenatured whey protein. Not all proteins are created equal, so that’s why we choose Isagenix, which is cold-pressed protein from grass-fed cows in New Zealand. The patented process that Isagenix uses doesn’t break down the amino acids, unlike most other proteins which are heated up during pasteurization. Isagenix has the best branch-chain amino acides (BCAA’s) that are natural, organic, non GMO. As a mom and a gym owner, I feel good giving it to my kids, my clients, and myself.


I was never a “protein shake” kind of person. I thought that was for my husband (who used to take everything under the sun) or other athletes. Then we both started incorporating Isagenix into our post-workout routine, and all I can say is that your body won’t lie. My husband and I turned from skeptics to believers as we saw an incredible difference in our bodies within our first 30 days. That was over 5 years ago — and now we have incorporated into our post-workout routine for life! I love now turning other people from skeptical to insane believers like we are. Results will speak for themselves. Here are other post workout favorites!


DSC_5419AMPED “Recover” – Support Muscle Recovery and Rebuilding!

We also love the AMPED “Recover” and have it before or mixed right into our Isalean Shake. This recovery drink tastes like raspberry lemonade (yum!) and it helps support faster building of lean, mean muscle with BCAA’s. Recover will also help fight that feeling of fatigue. The name says it all. So if you want to feel less sore, and get faster results, try this and take your body to the next level!



I think it’s pretty obvious. You are what you eat. How you workout is 20% of your game. The other 80% is nutrition and mindset. Do NOT feed your body with any artificial stimulants, sweeteners, synthetic caffeine, or additives. Go natural! Eat lots of good food, and supplement only with the proven best.




  • Always drink plenty of water
  • 1 hour before working out choose one: IsaLean Meal Bar, an IsaLean Shake, or an IsaLean Pro Shake
  • 20 minutes before working out take a shot of Ionix Supreme
  • During the workout drink “Want More Energy” electrolyte drink


Take daily vitamins

Eat healthy, balanced meals

Drink plenty of water

Avoid sugary foods and drinks that will cause spikes and dips in blood sugar and impact your energy levels


  • Immediately after working out, re hydrate with water or “Want More Energy” electrolyte drink
  • Within 30 minutes after the workout have an IsaLean or a Pro shake. The post workout protein will help with muscle recovery and helps with muscle repair and soreness.
  • On a daily basis take a 2-4oz shot of Isagenix Cleanse at night to get rid of toxins and lactic acid build up. This is a nutrient-based cleanse.


Take night time daily vitamins

Eat healthy, balanced meals

Get a good night’s sleep

Win at Life



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