How to Crush a BIG Goal in 4 Simple Steps

1 Hour WORKSHOP with Scott & Laura St.John

StJohn_0107Are you ready to crush a BIG GOAL but aren’t sure where to begin. Have you ever wondered why some people always seem destined for success and others are stuck in a pattern of failure? The truth is that it isn’t luck or good fortune. People who continue to reach their goals are following a formula that is working and repeating that formula for everything they desire. This is great news because ANYONE can have success and crush a big goal once you know the formula.

In this epic 1 Hour Workshop, Scott and Laura St.John from Strong Confident Living walk you through the 4 steps anyone can follow to crush a big goal. They show you how to take your biggest dreams and build them into your reality. Follow along with a pen and paper, print out the 1 page SCL Goal Planner, and join the Strong Confident Living Facebook Group for support.

We can’t wait to learn more about a big goal you want to CRUSH!

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