How to Conquer Your First Cleanse Day

Melt Fat Fast NOW! 5 Must-Know Cleanse Tips


Belly Buster BlogGoing to keep it real today. There’s a TON of reasons to cleanse… environmental toxicity, toxins in our food, yada-yada. But there’s ONE main reason that MOST of us draw the line in the sand and say YES – I want to cleanse  – and that’s to SHED. FAT. FAST. Like, melt it off me right now. You with me? Yeah, I know you are! Let’s shed away some fat right now!

Here is how to do an Isagenix Cleanse Day!


Tip 1: Follow the Plan


Cleanse Day Tracker ScheduleGet ready! The more prepared you are, the better you will set yourself up for success. Doing something new brings on all kinds of natural feelings — you may be excited, scared, or nervous. Don’t worry! Thousands of people are doing it. I’m sure you’ve done a lot harder things in life!  Most of the plan is mental – you’ve got this! We help you make it simple by giving you an awesome CHECKLIST (click here) to print out. Map out your day so you’re cleansing 4 ounces of Isagenix Cleanse for Life every 4 hours.


Tip 2. What to Prep for Your First Cleanse


ionixLife is hard. Cleansing is easy! Make it simpler for yourself by preparing other foods the day before. I mean the foods for everyone in your household who is NOT cleansing with you! Know your temptations. If making dinner and kids lunches is too tempting on a cleanse day, spare yourself that pain now and prep that stuff the night before! Also get YOUR cleansing support ready: Ionix supreme, Coffee (yes! You can have coffee on a cleanse day!), natural accelerator, Isagenix wafer snacks, Isa Flush, Isa Delight Chocolates (holy YUM), and an e+ shot. All those will help keep you stable and energized during the day. I also prep a wine glass to put my cleanse in for my final serving of “kudos” to me for the night!


Tip 3. Just DO IT! And Don’t Quit


ManBellyBusterYou can stare at the mountain or you can just start climbing, one foot after another. The same goes for a cleanse day. Stop overthinking things (I say this to myself all the time) and just DO IT! If you’re totally new to Isagenix, I suggest doing 5-6 days with the shakes first before conquering a cleanse day. Pick a day you can stay really busy and drink a ton of water.


If you feel so hungry you want to eat your arm off, just KEEP GOING! Don’t quit on yourself. Remember: the harder the struggle, the more beautiful the transformation. For some people (like me) the first few cleanse days were so hard until I changed my mindset, prepared, and made it simple. For others, there’s a feeling of mental fog clearing, energy and just overall health. You decide what you want to focus on feeling and go after that! Just keep going! You can do it.


Tip 4. Cleanse with Friends


30006-10Yes, we love to cleanse with friends at Strong. Confident. Living. It’s so much more fun! We can all support each other, cheer each other on, relate if we are struggling at all. Get support partners and you all can do it together. Why save the rockin’ bod just for yourself when you can get your friends, neighbors, co-workers and family in on the fun? Be the example for your loved ones. Be the inspiration that others may need. I know it’s in you!


Tip 5. Reward Yourself with Nurture, Not Food


Isalean ShakeBreak it with a SHAKE! Always, always, always break your cleanse day the next day with a shake. Your body just worked so hard to release toxins. Now your cells are more clear for AMAZING nutrition! Fill them up with the best fuel ever: An Isagenix IsaLean Shake, packed with vitamins and nutrients. For icing on the cake of this nurture-fest, reward yourself with a treat that fills your heart, mind and soul — like a good book you’ve wanted, a quiet walk by the river, or a massage (my personal favorite!). Don’t “reward” yourself with french fries or other food because you feel you’ve been “good” so now you think you can be “bad” — be sure rewards always come from a place of love and nurture.

Want more ideas on how to cleanse? CHECK OUT OUR CLEANSE PAGE!

Can’t wait to meet the new you! Comment online to let us know your Cleanse Day results, any questions you have, and we’ll be happy to help!

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