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Want to never fall off track again?

Our signature membership programs give you the perfect mix of our self paced fitness and mindset classes with our live coaching events! Don’t be surprised if you start seeing BIG results – fast! Even though this membership is perfect for beginners, Laura & Scott uniquely design their classes to scale all the way up to the most advanced levels – so you can experience exponential growth!

What's included

Self-Paced Classes + Live events designed TO Fit into Your Busy Schedule

10 minute workouts get you started


mindset classes keep you on track


live workshops help you take action


community gives you daily support

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Meet Your Coaches​




Scott somehow just knows when to push you to do one more rep and when to remind you to slow down and breathe. With unwavering belief that you can do anything, Scott becomes more than just your favorite fitness coach - he becomes the voice of motivation you start to hear in your head whenever things get intense. Soon, his words of encouragement become your words of belief - and you become unstoppable.



Most people can relate to the downspiral - that feeling you get when everything seems to get worse and worse. Laura's secret to mindset is helping people flip their biggest struggles into their biggest successes. Her easy-to-follow action plans teach you to break your old patterns that keep you feeling stuck. The result is a life full of fun "ah ha!" moments that lead you on a path where things keep getting better and better - she calls that the upspiral!

Real People. Real Results.

I was a crazy busy stressed out mom of 3, dealing with health issues…
“Laura and Scott literally changed my life in so many ways. It’s definitelytransformed my body! The biggest change is the fat loss, increase in agility andstrength. It lit a spark in me! I started shifting my attitude: less negativity, morepositivity. Now I practice happy everyday. I plan to keep doing it forever!”
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Amy Kandetzke

Amy Kandetzke

I am a single mom of 3 and recovering addict….
“Laura and Scott have COMPLETELY changed my life. I’ve built a whole new relationship with food, my body, with my whole life. I’ve found my willpower. It helped me build the habit of moving every day. It just started with 5 minutes and built from there. It’s super effective. My kids come over to the screen and see me. I am able to focus on my family and Laura and Scott have breathed belief into my own kids when they overhear what I’m doing. As a family, we have changed our entire mindset and how we move through life. I am forever grateful.”
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Jessica Benson

Jessica Benson

My body has dropped several sizes!!!
“I have struggled with weight my whole life and the mindset tips and tricks in Laura and have been a game changer! I am wearing clothes Ihaven’t been able to wear in years!! I am getting stronger every day! What I love the most is whenever you want to give up, Scott is into the camera reminding you to keep going, you can do this!”
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Tasha Holtzinger

Tasha Holtzinger

I Had Hit a Really Hard Time During COVID
“This was a blessing in disguise. I never thought I’d do ahome workout! I didn’t think it could be this fun! They areauthentic. They are raw. They are real! You find yourselfday by day becoming a new individual. I am stepping intothis new power and I never thought this would beavailable to me because I never thought I deserved it.This is an amazing platform and they do it in a fun andexciting way! I finally feel like I’m in a community that Ibelong.”
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Kristyn Koegel

Kristyn Koegel

I’ve been able to quit smoking…
“It’s the same mental muscle I’ve been exercising. The workout starts between the ears. This is the coolest workout I’ve ever done! I feel better and move better. The biggest thing I can say I’ve gotten from this is RESULTS. It’s the most positive group I’ve ever been a part of.”
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Marcos Beinder

Marcos Beinder

I am even teaching my daughters to do it….
“Before this program I kept trying and failing. I have a large collection of workout videos. This program is different. It’s helped me dig deeper, let go of the excuses, and lay out better plans. My daughter even logs into it when I go to work!”
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Becky Wegner

Becky Wegner

Laughing Couple Fitness Mindset

Join the fun!

we work together. we laugh together. we sweat together. you become part of our family.

Move in with us! It's ok if you're feeling stressed and exhausted by your battles with food and body image. It's normal if you've lost the motivation to stick to - or even start - a fitness routine. We are here to help you from getting lost in the guilt you feel every time you try to put yourself and your health first.

We promise to give you everything we've got. It's raw and real - and sometimes intense - but we do it with love because when you join Strong Confident Living you become part of our family.

Drop the Excuses

You're stronger than you think.

We hold the bar high for you because we know there is a rock star inside you just waiting to bust out. When it happens you'll feel it immediately. It might be when Scott pushes you to do one more push up (while whispering at just the right moment that he knows you can!). It might be when Laura shows you how to handle judgement so you brush off the things that used to down spiral your day. You will become the stronger, more confident, version of you.

Laura and Scott

You are exactly where you are meant to be.
Trust in yourself. Trust the process.
Stuck is just a feeling.