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Take your problem

and 'flip it' into the life you deserve.

How different would your life become if you could take any size struggle and “flip it”  into the strength required to propel you into your wildest dreams? I am about to show you brand new ways to flip yourself out of the energy of the problem, and into the energy of solution. You have the power to make things happen faster than you ever imagined. Let’s go!

Laura StJohn
Who is Laura St John?

I teach you the step-by-step on how to manifest faster, starting with my "FLIP IT" method.

You don’t need to waste another second of your precious time and energy trying to overthink your way out of past or current struggles. You can learn how to “nip, zip, and flip” that version of you so you stop giving your power away.

If you’re feeling negative, frustrated, or just overwhelmed with where you are right now, you are ready for significant change. You need to learn the steps to “flip” that frustration into designing a crystal clear vision, so you can wake up and go to bed everyday with the peace of mind and happiness you deserve. I promise you that you have what you need inside you right now to completely shift your trajectory. You will be surprised how quickly you can create positive new results.

Trust every stepping stone - negative or positive - led you here to this moment.


An easy starting place!


The kind of change you're looking for!


Work with Laura hands-on

Stuck is *just* a feeling. Time to get unstuck.

Speed up your powers. Get unstuck, shrink self doubts, and clear your path to manifest faster!

  • How to Build Trust In Yourself and Trust the Process
  • The Key to Manifesting is Mastering How to Flip This
  • Use This Simple Tool to Tap Into Your Future Self
  • How to Stop Getting More of What You Don’t Want
  • Why You Need to Build a Crystal Clear Vision
  • The Trick to Finding Happiness Before You Have it All
  • Transform Your Reality with a 2 Second Movie
  • Stop Getting Stuck Trying to Figure Out How It Will Happen

How to get a crystal clear vision, see the path, and think bigger!

  • How to stretch a bigger goal
  • How to stop worrying
  • How to flip negative into positive
  • How to take massive action
  • How to feel happier every step of the way

How to shrink down what’s holding you back.

  • How to stop being your own roadblock
  • How to avoid the blame game
  • How to shrink the “BUT” 
  • What your excuses reveal about you and your goals
  • How to wipe away excuses for good
  • How to flip excuses into action

When you learn to stop hating yourself and start creating yourself, you speed up everything else!

  • When did someone or something convince you that you were not beautiful?
  • How a yo yo diet messes with body image
  • Learn how to accept a compliment
  • Dress your body, not your body image
  • Simple tricks to lose weight and grow taller
  • How to stop running away from the camera
  • What do you see in your reflection?
  • You are not just a before or after photo

How to develop a more positive outlook.

  • How to flip a bad mood
  • How to hold the keys of your emotional power
  • The one degree of change rule
  • How to shift your body language
  • How to stop get off the roller coaster and avoid self sabotage

How to stop over-controlling the pieces that are outside of your control.

  • How to quiet the victim voice that feels out of control
  • How to stop complaining and start taking new actions
  • How to handle mistakes
  • How to harness the power of emotions
  • How to inspire without being bossy

How to crank up confidence from the inside out.

  • How to stop squishing your own confidence
  • Confidence vs arrogance
  • How to face your fears to uncover more confidence
  • How to have confidence when you’re feeling disappointment
  • Walk the walk and talk the talk

How to make swift, clear decisions toward your goals.

  • How to redefine what willpower means to you
  • How to flex that mental muscle between your ears
  • How to stop re-negotiating with yourself once you’re path is set
  • How to expect the unexpected 
  • How to boost your willpower at home or on the go

How to end the battle and create more time in your day.

  • How to stop battling the lack of time
  • How to get more done in less time
  • What to do when you have too much time
  • How to increase energy to create more time
  • Stop losing sleep to get things done

How to release the old you to step into the new you.Are you testing or trusting yourself?

  • No labels, no limits. How to recycle old limitations.
  • How to handle judgement like a pro.
  • How to “Do Less Better”
  • How to handle ups and downs like a champion

How to have the “aha” moment of change.

  • When to use motivation vs inspiration
  • Are you afraid of too much success?
  • How to bust through a plateau
  • How to drop the baggage of the past
  • How to boost courage

How to shine the light and see beyond the goal. 

  • It’s not the enemy or reward
  • How to have guilt-free “ME” time
  • How to deal with old feelings of failure
  • How to be grateful and be ok with wanting more!
  • The end is just the beginning: enjoy the process
  • How do you project success? Make a positive impact.



Get immediate access into my self paced manifesting course with 8 step-by-step signature lessons. This is a perfect entry point if you’re brand new to me and just want to get started with an introductory course.



Learn the steps to seeing past your current struggles so you can start manifesting a life you truly love. I’ve created over 100 lessons and bundled them into easy-to-follow mini courses that you can do at your own pace.


If you want real change you need to roll up your sleeves and take new action – and that is exactly what I teach you to do. We meet twice a week over 6 weeks on Mondays and Thursdays in a mind-blowing, life changing experience.


Olivia Dunne
Athlete & Influencer

Olivia Dunne

Livvy started taking my mindset over 6 years ago when she felt stuck in her sports performance. Now she’s the most famous NCAA athlete, with over 5 million social media followers. She’s making mainstream media as she carves a path that’s inspiring fans all over the world to dream bigger.


Vanessa Villela

Vanessa started taking my mindset classes when she felt stuck in her career and purpose and wanted to see past a tragic experience. Now she’s mixing her favorite talents in acting and real estate — landing a part in the cast of Netflix’s Emmy-award nominated show, Selling Sunset. Most importantly, she’s living everyday to her fullest.

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Avoid these 10 blocks you probably didn’t even realize you were making when it comes to money. Learn how to flip them to create a positive new result. 


Unblock the happiness that’s already inside you. Hack your way to feeling more joy in your everyday moments.


Learn the top “do’s and don’ts” before you make a vision board, plus bonus tips on how to make it a reality.

“This changed EVERYTHING for me. It’s hard to think back at how fear had me totally paralyzed” – Danielle Dudley

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We’re so confident Laura’s Mindset Classes will flip your life, that we created The Strong Confident Living® Guarantee which means you can see the difference for yourself, 100% risk free, with a 30 day money back guarantee.