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The workouts you need are here! Our signature workout series is perfect to do at home or take with you when you travel. Simple, short, effective workouts leave you feeling sexy, strong and confident anytime.

As seen in SHAPE, Women’s Health, ABC and FOX News, Scott’s self-paced, at-home workout videos will help you shed fat, tone up, and leave you wanting more.


Workout At Home
with Laura & Scott

If you want to feel sexy, strong and confident, you need more than just a positive mindset. You need a fast + effective workout to shed fat, drop guilt, and boost energy — without worrying about getting to a gym.

Workout anytime, anywhere. 

You deserve this.

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How to Get started


Pick a pre-built plan for your fitness level – beginner or advanced – and within minutes you’ll feel the difference.


Flatten abs and tone your full body — sexy arms and back, ass, legs, core, strength, cardio – and more.


With 5 min, 15 min, and 30 minute workouts, fitting in your workout will be easier than ever. No excuses. Let’s go!

Minutes Per Day to Start
Unique Workouts
Worker Outers

Get there faster. classes included:

Who has time to workout? YOU! Everyone can carve out 5 minutes out of their day!! This 5 minute workout series was designed to help you stop the excuses and get it D-O-N-E.

Who knew you could fall in love with working out? WE DID! That’s why we created this series. It’s for those of you who need to get back into fitness, or take your very first steps, or those of you who love to get more done in less time. 

Flex the success muscle as you become so proud of fitting these workouts into your busy schedule.

  • Full Body Toning, no weights required
  • 5 minute workouts
  • Self-paced, on demand 
  • Abs, arms, back, ass, legs, cardio
  • 21 day program

Beginners have the most important job: press play and begin! As former gym owners, we can understand and appreciate how hard that first step is to “open the front door” and start something new. Prepare to surprise yourself! This beginners series is a “Back to Basics” approach to doing less better when it comes to moving your body and building your base of support so you can progress in to the worker outer that’s ready to bust out!

  • Full Body Toning, no weights required
  • 10-15 minute workouts
  • Self-paced, on demand 
  • Abs, arms, back, ass, legs, cardio
  • 21 day program

Where’s our advanced worker outers at? Yeah, that’s you! It’s time to get back to basics with Laura and Scott. Strip away all the excess that is holding you back and get back to a plan that you will be motivated to stay on track with! Watch your body transform with this incredible series. The advanced workouts are slightly longer than the beginners series, plus they are more fast-paced and add intentionally intense progression to the movement patterns. Your mind and your body will be working to push yourself to the next level. Scott dreams these up and carefully designs the workouts in a way like you’ve never experienced before. Start!

Note, just because they’re named “back to basics” don’t let that fool you. This advanced series is anything but basic or boring. This series will help you amplify your results in Scott’s do less better, no-nonsense approach to fitness.

  • Full Body Toning, no weights required
  • 25-30 minute workouts
  • Self-paced, on demand 
  • Abs, arms, back, ass, legs, cardio
  • 21 day program

Ready to become an official worker outer? As you may have heard, our signature workouts from Laura and Scott can be really challenging, especially if you are just starting out or need modifications. This beginner series to our Down n Dirty 21 Day reset is perfect for anyone who needs workout modifications, is a total beginner worker outer, or who doesn’t want to take the day off but needs a lighter version of our intentionally intense workouts.

What can you expect? The fun banter, the awesome backdrops of Malibu, and a lighter more simplified version of movement patterns so you can re-introduce yourself back into a fitness routine, build your base of strength, and move into our more intermediate and advanced series. This is a perfect stepping stone for any beginner.

  • Full Body Toning, no weights required
  • 10-15 minute workouts
  • Self-paced, on demand 
  • Core and cardio focused
  • 21 day program

Get down. Get dirty. Tone up! It’s time to push through that next level in your fitness goals with Laura and Scott’s “Down and Dirty” fitness series. These workouts give you a solid 21-day burst of cardio and core in high intensity training style that can be adjusted to meet all levels. Whether you are new to Laura and Scott or have been following us for years, you will enjoy laughing, sweating, and getting a day-by-day plan to keep you consistent toward results.

These workouts are meant to be gritty and tough — so you can infuse and reflect that in your life. Enough talking, more action. Time to stop, drop and workout!

  • Full Body Toning, no weights required
  • 10-15 minute workouts
  • Self-paced, on demand 
  • core, cardio and conditioning
  • 21 day program

The secret is out! What if you could get in the best shape of your life – and feel like a total rockstar – with Malibu’s favorite fitness power couple? Now you can. Get toned, sexy abs and a rock solid core to look and feel your best!

Never get bored. Never plateau. You’ll love the fresh workouts each week, filled with beautiful seaside scenery and lots of laughter. Nothing stays stagnant when you are with Laura and Scott, so there’s no canned studios or staged fitness models. These two keep it raw, real, fast-paced and edgy. You will finish each week feeling refreshed, uplifted and wanting more. After 6 weeks, your body will be summer ready any time of year!

This is an advanced series. Take it at your own pace, and take breaks as you need to — it means your’e working hard!!!

  • 6 weeks
  • combinations of core and cardio + strength and conditioning

Are you ready to look forward to working out? Beginners – you CAN DO THIS! Laugh, sweat, and be merry any time of year with our Naughty or Nice workout series that’s 10 minutes a day for 10 days! Designed specifically for beginners who want the simplest way to get into fitness, build a base of support, and boost self esteem! Laura and Scott will make you feel like a strong confident badass and leave you wanting more! Drop the excuses, be part of the movement and get started!

  • Full Body Toning, no weights required
  • 10 minute workouts
  • Self-paced, on demand 
  • Abs, arms, back, ass, legs, cardio 
  • 10 day program

Who’s naughty, who’s nice? Get your heart pumping with Malibu’s favorite fitness couple! Prepare to sweat. Prepare to have fun while Scott whoops you into shape any time of year! Are you already an active worker outer? This series will help you bust through any plateau and shock you with how effective the results can be in half the time. Think you can’t get a crazy good workout in 10 minutes? THINK AGAIN! We challenge you to this 10-day series and see the difference for yourself. Your whole body will be thanking you!

  • Full Body Toning, weights optional
  • 10 minute workouts
  • Self-paced, on demand 
  • Abs, arms, back, ass, legs, cardio
  • 10 day program

This 6 week signature series for beginners will help you get into the routine of working out, and make you feel sexy, strong and confident.

If you’re looking to get into a new routine, and tone up your full body, this is it!

This 6 week advanced series is perfect for anyone who wants to tap into their inner badass, bust through a plateau and take their fitness to new levels. 

Scott’s advanced workouts are known to bring out the best in you – amplify your mental and physical game to push through and show yourself YOU CAN.



Imagine traveling with Laura and Scott to the best places around Malibu. Then you stop, drop and workout together! This fitness bank focuses on a unique body part per day and takes you from the cliffside by the ocean to the barn. Get inspired while you laugh and sweat with Laura and Scott.

This workout fitness bank is full of advanced workouts to take at your own pace. Prepare to sweat! 

Get a dose of Scott live online as you meet the community and sweat with others.

Scott will show you love.



Pick from the library of on-demand workouts, broken down into beginner or advanced. Pick your pace and schedule.


There's no fitness models or canned studios. You will literally feel like you're right there on the beach with Scott.


No equipment necessary. To get started, all you need is your body, a water bottle, and a phone or device to play video.



Christine K.

Before she was well-known chef, she was an unhappy ER doctor with the kind of stress that leads to unhealthy habits — and weight gain. “They taught me to love myself again: my body, my heart and my journey. I feel healthier and younger than ever!”


Becky W.

“Before this program, I kept trying and failing. I have a large collection of workout videos. This is different. It’s helped me dig deeper, let go of the excuses, and lay out better plans. My daughter even logs into it when I go to work!”

SCOTT's Signature Workshops


Proper Form Workshop

Quality and safety first. Apply Scott’s “do less better” fitness philosophy to learn how his signature cues on proper form connect your mind to muscle more effectively. Perfect for beginners!


The Workout Scott Made for His Mother

Yell at the screen with Scott’s mom! Try the workout that Scott designed for his 72-year old mother, who’s back to her high school weight with the help of his beginner workout series for all ages.

“I’ve been doing Scott’s workouts twice a week for over a year and I can promise you – he will bring out your ‘A’ game.”

Lavinia Errico, Founder of Equinox Gyms

Start Working Out Today

We’re so confident Scott’s workouts will flip your life around, that we created The Strong Confident Living® Guarantee which means you can see the difference for yourself, 100% risk free.